The time will soon be here when you can open your in-ground swimming pool from Hawaiian Pool Builders. Perhaps you read our article about enhancing your backyard retreat and thought you’d like to incorporate a firepit or other fire feature to your pool area this year. Firepits or fire features are one of the latest trends in outdoor home improvement. Adding the right fire feature creates a warm, inviting place for your family and friends to gather.

FirepitsThere’s multiple ways that a firepit, or other fire features will enhance your swimming pool experience. Once your pool is open, and warmer days are here, it’s easy to jump in your pool for an afternoon dip, but some nights are a bit chilly. You can still relax outside with your fire. It gives you a great way to keep activities going. They provide a beautiful, aesthetic place to gather and provide a nice amount of warmth.

They can be designed in many different ways, and out of various types of materials. Stone, brick, stucco, tile, and concreate can complement your style pool, patio area, or outdoor room.

If you enjoy eating outside, why not add a brick oven to your backyard? This is a fantastic option when it comes to cooking outside, but even when it’s hotter in the middle of summer, the fire still adds a beautiful glow. A brick oven would be a nice feature set back by the fence line.

A fireplace is one of the more traditional fire features that can stand alone or compliment the pool area. They provide light, warmth, and make a nice, cozy gathering place. They don’t take up much space, and you can easily landscape around them.

Firepits are probably the most popular backyard item this season. They are versatile, inexpensive, and, depending on the model, can be easily moved around. They range from 3’ to 6’ and are made out of different materials. It’s easy to find one that suits your style. Their open element lends a natural, outdoorsy feel to your space, while adding elegant lighting.

In-pool firepits add an exciting accent to your pool’s entrance. Adding an open fireplace at the deep end gives your pool a more open, linear feel.

A large, built-in stone firepit creates a great centerpiece for the patio, and will quickly become the sought-out destination on those cooler summer nights. With comfortable seating, your family and guests will quickly settle in, and enjoy the night.

Fire walls are one of the newest in-pool fire features. Most of these walls have flames that come out of the top and light up the night sky. They can even be tied together with a small waterfall to bring all the elements to play in your backyard oasis. A fire wall can also act as a retainer and stabilize the foundation. Adding a linear insert to your pool may be just the right fit. You can have one added to the edge of your pool, or perhaps at the edge of your patio.

Whatever style you choose, a fire feature may be exactly the extra touch you are after for this year’s swimming pool season. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, one of our experts can guide you on how to make the best choice. Stop in the showroom, or call to make an appointment today. We look forward to serving you.  

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