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Having decided to create your own personal 'staycation' spot in your back yard, it's time to begin that design. Location is everything. Where do you want your kitchen, and how will people get to it?

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When you have a swimming pool it’s only natural that it will be the focal point of your backyard. The landscaping around the pool and outdoor living space adds to the overall beauty and aesthetics of the entire outdoor experience and that’s where landscaping with potted plants comes into play!

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Adding a pool fence to your backyard doesn’t mean it has to be uninviting and purely functional. Your swimming pool fence can be aesthetically pleasing while providing safety.

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Now that summer is almost upon us, we are reminded that there is nothing more fun than owning your own pool … right in your back yard. Friends and family visiting for great parties around the barbeque, hitting the water and watching our children and grandchildren all help make wonderful memories! Summer also brings with it the Fourth of July with its spectacular displays of fireworks and fire in the sky. Love this outdoor living.

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When we furnish our homes, we place a lot of energy into selecting the right lighting for each room. The kitchen needs both bright and soft lighting to be functional. Cozy seating areas and bedrooms get more indirect lighting … out bathrooms get that blinding light so we can see every character flaw needing correcting before we go public.

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If your swimming pool is lighted, chances are it is lit with LED lighting. The reason LED lighting is the lighting of choice for swimming pool contractors to install is that they bulbs burn cool and last for thousands of hours, meaning you won’t have to change them as frequently.

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They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, right? When it comes to your home it’s all about curb appeal and when you’re a swimming pool owner, the “curb” extends to your backyard and the swimming pool.

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Chances are you carry a smart phone. Your house may even be “smart” including programmable thermostats, appliances you can start remotely or security systems you can monitor from your phone. You might even have one of the new smart washers, dryers or dish washers. Now, when you work with the swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pools, you can have that smart technology extend to your backyard and your swimming pool.

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The swimming pool professionals from Hawaiian Pools understand that while you love your swimming pool, you’d also love to find ways to save money on its operation, right? One way that a swimming pool owner can save money is by having the proper swimming pool pump installed.

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Your swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard décor. It is the place where you gather with your friends and family and relax or frolic in the pool together. Chances are you made a conscious decision to either have your swimming pool complement the rest of your outdoor landscaping as well as the home. However, some pool owners want their pool to be a separate entity in the backyard and that design option makes it feel as though you have entered another backyard completely.

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