Features and Accessories

There are myriad options and accessories from which to choose when having a swimming pool constructed, but have you ever considered bubble jets? Ohio swimming pool contractors explain that bubble jets are water features that are akin to small water fountains and they produce a bubbling stream of water, much like the jets in a hot tub or spa.

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Swimming pools, accessories and features come in all shapes and sizes. The accessories or water features that you add to your swimming pool design adds your own unique flair to your backyard oasis.

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A swimming pool is the focal point of any backyard that plays host to one. Many swimming pool owners also know that spending time around the swimming pool is just as enjoyable as spending time in the water itself. Swimming pool builders in Ohio work with pool owners to upgrade and renovate the patio area to make the backyard an outdoor living oasis.

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Imagine slipping into the warm, jet-filled depths of your backyard hot tub. It’s a luxury like no other, especially when the winter winds are blowing. Hot tubs are investments in both health and relaxation so you should make certain you protect your investment.

One way to protect your investment is with the purchase and diligent use of a hot tub cover. The swimming pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders explain that you shouldn’t think of a cover as an accessory, but as an additional component in your investment in the hot tub itself.

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When you work with your pool contractor to have a swimming pool installed the accessories can help enhance the fun you and your friends and family have around your swimming pool. A deck is also an accessory to consider as it gives you a place for the grill, a place to relax poolside, and a simple place to go and enjoy the stress-releasing qualities that water itself brings.

Your swimming pool deck will add and enhance the aesthetic appeal to both your swimming pool and your backyard. You’ll want to work with your swimming pool builder to make the deck not only visually appealing but functional as well. Once the deck has been constructed you need to maintain it to keep it in tip-top shape for decades to come. A fresh coat of paint or stain will protect and add beauty to the deck. The stain or paint color can either complement your home or add contrast.

When working with the swimming pool builders at Hawaiian Pool Builders you will want to take these items into consideration for your swimming pool deck:

  • Will you be entertaining large numbers of people on the deck?
  • Will you be grilling out on the deck?
  • Will the deck be exposed to a lot of rain during the warm months?
  • How much time will you be spending on the deck?
  • Do you want the deck to get shade as well as sunlight?
  • Will you want the deck to encircle the entire swimming pool or only a portion?
  • Do you want a deck that is virtually maintenance free or are you willing to put in the time and effort and upkeep required in certain types of decks?
  • Will you be turning your deck area into a complete outdoor living space?

Taking the time to thoroughly understand and answer these questions will help you determine the perfect deck for your family’s needs and one that will serve you well for years to come.

Lighting around your swimming pool can create such ambiance. Whether you’re hosting a pool party or simply relaxing in the evening, lighting adds to the moment.

Lighting can be added to your existing pool or can be completed during the initial build. The pool design team at Hawaiian Pool Builders can help you determine the right lighting for your project. Lighting generally falls into one of three categories:

  1. General lighting that illuminates the pool deck and pathways.
  2. Underwater lighting perfect for nighttime swimming and intriguing light effects.
  3. Accent lighting used to call attention to trees, shrubs or architectural features.

During the planning phases of your swimming pool and lighting project you will want to discuss the type of lighting you desire, placement of outlets and much more. Benefit from the pool designers expertise to create an enjoyable space.

Swimming pool filters, like swimming pools, come in all shapes and sizes. While you don’t need to buy the biggest filter on the market, the value of what a filter does for your swimming pool cannot be denied. The filter is the heart of your swimming pool because it keeps the water flowing and the dirt and debris out of the clean and circulated water

There are three basic types of pool filters on the market and the swimming pool professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders break them out as: cartridge, DE and sand. Sand filters have been on the market and in use for decades and are the most typical type. With this type of filter, the water passes through the sand and traps the dirt and debris leaving the cleaned water to pass through. These filters require more maintenance than other types because the sand can cause a drop in the water pressure, which can then decrease the water filtering. Sand filters require that you backwash the pool on a regular basis and the sand needs to be changed on a semi-regular basis.

Many swimming pool owners and pool service contractors prefer swimming pool filter cartridges because they require less upkeep and maintenance. These filtering devices use a paper filter to clean and purify the water. The filters capture and remove smaller particles from the water than sand does.

DE filters are typically the most expensive but are more cost effective in the long run and are considered the most natural way to keep the water clean.

The type of filter you ultimately decide to use in your swimming pool is crucial to keeping your water clean, bacteria-free and sparkling clean.

Just as you’d never leave your home without locking the front door, you should never leave your swimming pool without putting the cover back in place and locking the gate.

Swimming pool covers come in myriad shapes, styles, designs and patterns but the driving force behind them is to seal your swimming pool water. Covers serve a dual purpose, keeping the swimming pool free of debris and offering a layer of protection. A swimming pool cover keeps “intruders” from your water whether they’re in the form of leaves, dirt, debris, bugs or nocturnal creatures. The installation and diligent use of a swimming pool cover will help save money in cleaning costs, can extend the life of your filter and other pool equipment and cut down on the amount of chemicals you need to add to your swimming pool to keep it clean and bacteria free.

A swimming pool cover can also help lower your energy costs, especially if your swimming pool has a heater. A cover will trap the heat and help prevent evaporation of your swimming pool water.

While a swimming pool cover is an accessory that you don’t necessarily have to purchase at the same time you buy your swimming pool, budgeting for the purchase at the same time simply makes good sense from a maintenance and safety standpoint. Look for pool covers to suit your unique style in both color and design. You can even purchase swimming pool covers with sports team’s logos. Also, if your swimming pool has any accessories such as a built in spa or waterfall, you can purchase a custom cover to accommodate those features.

The size and shape of your swimming pool may necessitate the need for a swimming pool cover lifter. These devices come in both motorized or hand crank styles and make it easier to remove and close the cover once you’re done swimming.

Some swimming pool covers are self-cleaning and that’s a bonus because you don’t want to have to worry about mold and mildew building up on the cover and leaching into your swimming pool water. Check with your swimming pool builder to discover the best pool cover for your needs.

When you work with an Ohio swimming pool builder to create the swimming pool of your dreams, there are a multitude of details and decisions to be made and it doesn’t simply stop with size, style and design of your swimming pool. There are so many other design features to consider and the team at Hawaiian Pool Builders is able to guide you to determine the accessories that are best for you; some are required by law and others simply make your swimming pool more fun and safe.

Here are some tips from the on the must-haves for your swimming pool:

  1. A Clean Pool: To assure the cleanliness of your pool walls, floor and the water itself your pool builder will instruct you on the best size and style filters and pumps for your swimming pool. You may also want to ask about automatic swimming pool cleaning devices as part of the whole pool construction package. Swimming pool filters work to capture the dirt and debris that float around in your swimming pool water; filters will need to be cleaned and periodically replaced because contaminants deteriorate their performance.
  2. A Little Chemistry: Swimming pool ownership means you, or your pool service provider, will be balancing and maintaining the chemical balances in your swimming pool water. There are specific chemicals that are needed to make certain your pool water is free of any virus, bacteria and algae.
  3. Keep it Covered: A swimming pool cover should be part of the budget you have set aside for your swimming pool construction project. These covers help you keep the water cleaner, hold in some of the daytime heat, and reducing evaporation. Diligent use of a cover will keep dirt, debris and leaves from contaminating your swimming pool and cut back on the need for skimming and vacuuming.
  4. Have a Ball – Safely: Don’t forget the floating toys, rafts and other accessories that enhance the fun you have in your swimming pool will add to the relaxation you have in your pool. Consider purchasing floating chairs with cup holders, full size rafts, toys the children can float on and play with. An accessory that shouldn’t be considered optional though are life jackets — these should be kept poolside at all times.
  5. Get in Safely: The way you will enter and exit the swimming pool will also be a decision you will need to make during the project. You can opt for traditional ladder styles, walk in beach-access types and graduated step-downs. You may also want to consider the addition of sun shelves to make relaxing in the water even more enjoyable.

Have a budget in mind when you begin your quest for a swimming pool project with a cushion for the accessories and add-ons you’ll consider with your design team.

Swimming pool covers perform four main functions:

  • To act as a protective barrier to prevent accidents
  • Conserve energy in a heated pool
  • Minimize evaporation
  • Keep out leaves and debris

There are many types of covers made from a variety of materials, but they are all designed with these tasks in mind. Some covers are made specifically to perform one function or another, but the best pool covers will do it all. These can be manually rolled out onto the pool surface, or you can buy automatic cover reels that do all the work.

The benefits to covering your pool are many, including:

  • Safety – A covered pool is a safer pool. It will prevent children or small animals from falling in when no one is watching. This feature, combined with alarms and secure anchors are priceless if for families with kids.
  • Saves money – A covered pool retains heat and energy costs associated with heating the water. It also keeps water evaporation at a minimum and chemical mixture stable longer, which means adding chemicals less frequently.
  • Keeps debris and critters out – Whether it’s leaves, pine cones, or curious dogs or raccoons, if your pool is covered, none of that can get in.

The main categories of pool covers (available for both above ground and in ground pools) are:

  • Safety covers. These covers are only as effective as their anchoring systems and construction. These low-profile covers are usually made of netted or braided mesh and are anchored to in ground pools through a series of hooks or springs. Dedicated and solid decking is needed to make this safety feature optimal. Mesh is an ideal cover material because it lets water drain off the top, while keeping leaves out and preventing accidental falls into the water.
  • Winter covers are vital for the off-season maintenance of a pool. Pool owners commonly use a safety cover during the swim season and a winter cover to protect their investment through the winter. Winter covers are usually made of polypropylene material and threads that won’t erode when exposed to the elements. Winter lids often utilize multiple stitching and sealants to stay durable and functional winter after winter.
  • Leaf nets are self-explanatory. These mesh nets are usually placed on top of a winter cover. The mesh catches all the leaves and debris that end up on top of the cover. But when swimming season rolls around again, you are able to scoop all the debris up and dispose of it at once.
  • Solar pool covers are made of a plastic material that resembles big bubble wrap. Solar pool covers are mainly for energy conservation purposes. Solar covers still keep leaves and debris out and prevent evaporation, but they also help the water retain any heat you’ve paid for to keep the water warm and pleasant. Solar covers also use the sun’s rays to generate about 15 additional degrees of “free” heat that is redistributed to the water.

Hawaiian Pool Builders can help you determine the best cover for your situation.