Swimming pool hair. What can you do about it? How can you stop it from happening, and most importantly, is it possible to prevent chlorine damage to your hair? Hawaiian Pool Builders has these five tips for you to keep your hair protected from the effects of chlorine damage.

Whether you installed your in-ground swimming pool for active lap swimming or for pure recreational leisure time with your family and friends, all the chlorine in a traditional swimming pool can make your hair feel dry, brittle and even look green. Caring for your hair properly after swimming is important to keep your hair from too much chlorine damage.Chlorine Damage

1. If possible, before jumping into your swimming pool, whip your hair into a lovely braided lock. This will help fight off tangles after you are done with your swim.

2. Wet your hair before you get into the pool. Not only will this keep your pool cleaner by rinsing away your styling products, you will be coating your hair with non-chlorinated water which will keep your strands from soaking up every single chemical in the pool.

3. To protect your hair even further, purchase a cute bathing cap to wear. You can find many different fun styles for adults, along with some cute ones for your children.

4. After you are done for the day, take the time to clean and condition your hair. If you have lighter colored or highlighted hair, the chlorine may turn the lighter portions of hair slightly green over time. Washing the chlorine out immediately following your swim can help clarify and cleanse your hair to preserve the color.

5. Using a rich, emollient conditioner after shampooing will counteract some of the effects of chlorine damage, like dry, brittle hair. When using the conditioner, start at the ends and work up to the scalp. Take a wide-tooth comb into the shower with you, and comb the conditioner through your hair. Leaving it in for at least two minutes before you rinse it out will help infuse your hair with extra moisture. Likewise, if you are in your swimming pool daily, treating your hair to a once a week deep-conditioning will give your hair the extra boost it may need. Just mix an entire peeled and mashed avocado with one egg and 1 tbsp. of olive oil. Combine and slather on your hair, wrapping it in a shower cap. Sit somewhere warm for 30 minutes before washing out.

We know you love your in-ground swimming pool, and want to protect your hair from chlorine damage. These few tips will help keep your hair healthy and happy the rest of the summer.  

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