Safe, low-odor saltwater in-ground swimming pools are gaining popularity. Could you have saltwater in your future? While salt systems aren’t a new invention, they have gained some traction over the years. Once primarily a perk in health spas and resorts, saltwater pools have now become popular among U.S. homeowners. Today, about 30% of all U.S. in-ground pools are saltwater. People are increasingly appreciating the benefits associated with them.

Pools are great fun for kids and adults. When it’s hot in the summer or you are on vacation, there is no better way to cool off then being able to jump into a pool. Though, often times the pleasure is complicated with the chlorine smell or the burning sensation on the eyes. But, for kids today, this could become a non-event thanks to the increasing popularity of saltwater pools.

Saltwater pools work by converting salt to chlorine using an electrolytic converter. This produces the same type of bacteria-killing chlorine found in a traditional pool, but in a radically different fashion. Since the salt generator is adding chlorine to the water at a constant rate, it is capable of displacing the bad odor and the burning irritation associated with chlorine, and keeps the levels maintained continually. Saltwater

Saltwater pools require far less maintenance than traditional pools and are much less expensive to maintain as pool salt is less expensive than traditional chlorine. This is a major factor as to why hotels and water parks in the United States have made the switch. Plus, when it comes to initial construction and installation, the additional cost of an electrolytic converter is very small and easily made up in maintenance savings. Even converting your existing chlorine pool to a saltwater pool can be paid off quickly.

“They’ve literally exploded in popularity in the last decade,” says Erika Taylor of “Pool and Spa News.” “It really does make a difference in the way the water feels on your skin. Nothing feels as good as jumping into a saltwater pool.”

The healing power of salt is not unknown. A day at the beach is proof enough that salt does the body good. A little knick or scrape starts to heal quickly when exposed to salt water. Skin care companies figured out how to bottle up and market salt’s advantages, and now Hawaiian Pool Builders can bring it right to your backyard. A leisurely dip can lend a healthy glow, and provide silky-smooth skin.

Whether you are deciding to build new, or would like to discuss switching your filtration system to saltwater, stop in our showroom or call to make an appointment to talk to one of our professionals about your options.

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