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In Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, we don’t typically consider winter a ‘pool season’ as your pool generally sits idle for several months. At Hawaiian Pools, we want to help you see every season is pool season. If you have been thinking about renovating your pool, late winter and early spring is a great time to plan. It’s better to start thinking about renovations and repairs now rather than wait until the swimming season starts. Since we still have several weeks of colder weather but snow is off (and on) the ground, this is the time to schedule a visit.

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As it gets closer to the time for opening your pool, it might be a good time to ask if you should replace your vinyl pool liner. At Hawaiian Pools, we are here to help you answer that question.

A vinyl pool liner typically lasts eight to 12 years with proper maintenance and care, and often, many pool liners don’t show any signs of wear for much of this time. However, the weather and pool chemicals can cause the liner to deteriorate, and this can lead to problems. Pool liners are expensive to replace, so it’s wise to know the signs that indicate a pool liner should be replaced.

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Technically it may still be winter, but spring will be upon us sooner than we think. The time to open your pool is quickly approaching. Of course, the simplest solution to opening your swimming pool for the season is contact us to schedule an appointment but if you’re up for it, you can do it yourself!

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As a pool owner, you already know that sometimes the seasons can be shorter than expected, or want. With that in mind, perhaps you are considering the installation of a heat pump for your swimming pool. A heat pump is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating option for those cooler evenings.

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As a pool owner in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, you are all-too-familiar with the continuous cost of maintaining your inground swimming pool. Most just accept the costs associated with maintaining older equipment that might be outdated because your existing pump or heater still perform as they should. And, often we just accept the higher utility bills because we enjoy the luxury of our pool.

There are some ways to cut down on those costs and at Hawaiian Pools we are here to help you examine some of these.

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You thoroughly enjoyed your visit with your family over the Holidays.  It was a great week spending time in a warm, sunny location and loved their backyard in-ground pool. Now, you are home. In Northwest Ohio. You cannot jump into a pool.  You can, however, turn your thoughts and ideas into designing your own backyard oasis.

Now is the best time to get your ideas and dreams onto paper, and into action, If you’ve been thinking about turning your out of doors into your at-home resort, the time is right!  At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are here to help.  Our staff will take your ideas and turn them into reality.  

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That may seem like a simple question, but as an inground pool owner, it’s important to know what algae is, and how they differ. There are three types of algae that like to form and create a nice home in your swimming pool: Mustard algae, Green algae, and Black algae.

Mustard algae, often referred to as yellow algae, can easily be mistaken for dirt or sand. It typically likes to cling to the walls of your pool, and in the shady spots. Mustard algae can be difficult to get rid of because it is resistant to normal levels of chlorine. While it’s a rare form of algae, it can still take hold of your inground pool ‘toys’ and your equipment. Disinfecting your beach balls, floaties, and other play things with bleach will help to remove the growth of algae. Also, wash your suits, towels, and other clothing items with a small bit of bleach to eliminate it.

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In a recent article, Start Planning your Pool Project Now, we discussed different ways and places to get ideas, how to go about incorporating them into your backyard with what you want, and how to best approach different thoughts and ideas.

What wasn’t discussed was how to not make two of the biggest mistakes when it comes to planning your pool project. These are equally as important as your overall design.

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In the age of eating cleaner foods, using safer products for cleaning our home, and safer sun screens, Natural Chemistry offers a line of solutions that are also built on the same principles of using safer ingredients and being better stewards of the earth.

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As temperatures begin to cool, mice, rodents and other creatures begin looking for warmer areas to make their home and a pool heater may be the perfect place! As you can imagine, your pool heater is a much warmer location for them. As a pool owner, you want to protect your heater to keep rodents from setting up camp within your heater. That’s why it is important for you to take a few steps to keep mice and other rodents out of your pool heater all year long.

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