Have you ever wondered about an infinity edge pool? At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want to take the mystery out of them for you.

The term ‘infinity edge pool’ is a term used for ‘infinite edge pool’, ‘vanishing edge pool’, or ‘negative edge pool.’ When positioned high on a perch, they create a beautiful optical illusion of water extending ‘infinitely’ to the horizon.

An infinity edge pool could probably transform even the least scenic spot into an oasis, but they have the most impact in an area with plenty of sky and an already breathtaking view. The “vanishing” edge turns the whole pool into a sort of mirror for the scenery.

Infinity Edge PoolAn infinity edge pool features one or more walls that come to a water level rather than above it as in the case with a conventional in-ground swimming pool. These walls slope downward away from the pool, creating that serene waterfall effect. But where does the water go? They have one or more exposed walls (the weir) that are a fraction of an inch shorter than the water level, causing the water to flow into a catch basin below. From there, the water is collected and pumped back into the main pool. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

For your infinity edge pool to have the best effect, the vanishing edge must be positioned so that you can’t see the catch pool from the prime viewing spots. If your yard has a gentle slope, that is the best place to build. Getting the design right will make the view fantastic.

While the main part of your pool uses the same kind of plumbing as a conventional pool, the catch pool usually requires its own pumping and filtration system to keep the water circulating back into the main pool.

The beauty of an infinity edge pool is undeniable, but, your space will dictate whether it works for you! A lot of planning goes into making an infinity pool look truly mesmerizing – but all that forethought is worth it. The team of professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders can answer all your questions about designing your infinity edge pool.

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