When you sit down with one of our professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders one of the first things to consider is swimming pool size. There are a few factors to consider when making that decision. After your swimming pool is in, changing the size simply isn’t an option, there’s no turning back. How does one determine what size to choose?

The size of your swimming pool will ultimately be influenced by the space in your backyard and on your budget. However, there are some functional options that should also be considered.

Swimming Pool SizeHow do you plan to use your swimming pool? If you have children, and/or plan on using your pool for recreational purposes, then you can incorporate almost any shape and size. A swimming pool built for recreation typically has a large shallow area to accommodate children and games such as water volleyball, water basketball and the like.

On the other hand, if the purpose of your pool is for exercise and lap swimming, you will want to install a long, straight pool conducive to that. A lap pool is usually 4-5 ft. deep, and 25 yards long.

Ultimately, your pool size can be anything you desire. Here are some helpful tips to determine your perfect swimming pool size:

Do you plan on having a grill, patio and furniture around your pool?
If so, determining how that would lay out first will help you gain a clearer picture on the size and shape of your pool. Knowing beforehand if that is part of the long-term plan will help you decide the right size. You don’t want to put in a large pool and then be cramped on space when it comes to entertaining.

Do you plan to use your pool for water sports?
If you plan to use it for things like water volleyball or water basketball, having a swimming pool size that’s only three feet deep at both ends and about five in the middle is a good choice.

Can I combine exercise and recreation?
Absolutely. Your pool design is up to you. You can determine a hybrid size, shape and depth. An “L” shaped pool can give you a short leg large enough for fun and games, and the longer leg for exercise.

Pool sizes continue to get larger, thereby incorporating more ways to enjoy your pool. For instance, adding a diving board and/or slide and a wading area for smaller children can all be created at the time of your design, and you don’t have to feel cramped when you do.

At Hawaiian Pools, designing your ultimate back yard experience with a custom in-ground swimming pool is our specialty. Stop in our showroom or call to make an appointment to begin your design today.

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