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Buidling a backyard swimming pool is exciting for the whole family but there are many things to consider before starting the project. Haawaiian Pool Builders has a design team ready to help you think about all aspects of a new pool from the size, shape, color and maintenance. We have 5 tips to help you put everything into perspective and give you the tools you need to guarantee years of enjoyment.

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Composite pavers are the latest alternative to concrete pavers frequently used for pool decks. Composite pavers are very durable, slip free and are about 1/3 the weight of concrete. Installation of composite pavers, like concrete pavers, involves a compacted, level sand base but beyond that step, installation is far easier!

Before you choose the material for the decking around your swimming pool, you should be aware of some additional things about composite decks.

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There are people who want a swimming pool but there are barriers that prevent them from doing so. Several studies were conducted by a research firm, P.K. Data and an APSP research study on the swimming pool industry. There were some interesting findings.

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Everybody into the pool! If you have a swimming pool, chances are you and your family are in it every chance you get, right? What do you do, though when you’re not enjoying the water? Chances are you are hanging around on the deck.

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Once you’ve decided that you want to build a pool in your backyard, it’s important to understand some of the basics of pool construction so that you’re somewhat informed when you meet with the pool builder. While your builder and designer will answer all your questions and make the right recommendations, having a little knowledge will help save some time.

There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before construction begins from what type of pool you want to how you will maintain it. In-ground pools come in three basic types: concrete (aka gunite), fiberglass, and vinyl. Deciding which material is best for you is determined by variables such as your budget, location, the desired style, size, and shape, and how you plan to use the pool.

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If you own a swimming pool there’s a good chance that you don’t want to have to tear yourself away from the fun to go into the house and cook meals, right? When you work with the swimming pool contractor and designers at Hawaiian Pool Builders you can discuss an outdoor kitchen space so you never have to leave the pool and its fun!

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As spring gets closer and closer, homeowners often start to think about organizing the house and backyard. Swimming pool contractors, Hawaiian Pool Builders, offer some tips to organize your home and yard.

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While it may not seem like it, this is actually the ideal time of year to begin planning for your summer swimming pool construction project. You may wonder why, especially if the snow is flying, but getting your ducks in a row means you can spend unhurried time with the swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders to develop the plan for the ideal pool for you and your family.

Because most people’s thoughts turn to swimming pool construction once spring is in full force, swimming pool builders get busier, time frames are crunched and you can also run up against a dreaded “wet spring” and that can cause delays in excavation and construction of your family swimming pool.

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Swimming pool tiles and the coping that is added to your pool are two items that can truly pull the look of your swimming pool together and amp up the aesthetics of the entire outdoor living space. When Hawaiian Pool Builders installs tiles around the pool, they look to National Pool, Tile & Coping because of the level of quality their tiles and coping materials bring to a finished pool project.

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If you’re planning to join the realm of swimming pool owners – as tens of thousands of homeowners across the United States have – you will want to spend time determining the ideal pool design for your family and unique lifestyle.

Because a swimming pool carries up-front costs and brings with it ongoing monthly maintenance and upkeep you will want to take all of the pricing of owning a pool into consideration. Once you have a budget in your mind it’s time to meet with a pool contractor and begin the process of having your dream pool constructed.

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