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If you’re in the midst of a new pool project or a renovation or remodel, it is the ideal time to improve the entire look of your backyard. How can you do that? By including water features or other amenities that will enhance the fun and beauty of your entire backyard and outdoor living space.

Prior to putting the finishing touches on your overall pool plan, ask your pool contractor for advice on renovations or items that will complement the entire area. Two of the many design items to consider include:

  1. The hardscape – this is the all-encompassing area that can help make your entire outdoor living area more accessible and multi-dimensional. Included in a hardscape project could be a new deck, a walkway to and from the pool, seating areas, planters to hold foliage or even a sunken area with a fire pit and seating area and lighting to illuminate the area.
  2. An outdoor kitchen – this can include a sink, grill, refrigerator, stove top or a pizza oven and can be a space that might rival your indoor kitchen. Talk with your pool contractor about whether the area is suited for the addition of an outdoor kitchen and enhance the look of the area with stone or tile that complements your outdoor living space.
  3. Entertainment area – this might include a television, stereo, and wet bar to provide activity beyond swimming in your backyard oasis.

With these additions to your swimming pool, you can move your entire living space outdoors.

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In order to construct a “free-form” pool, ShotCrete and Gunite are the best substances to use to create the strongest concrete pools possible.

ShotCrete is known as the "wet gun" process. Computer-batched and mixed at the concrete plant, it is brought to the customer’s location and applied while wet. The free-form application allows for the construction of very strong and water-tight structures. ShotCrete is a cleaner application process than Gunite.

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Breathing new life into your potentially outdated swimming pool and its equipment may actually save you time and money in the long run. Updating pool equipment to more energy efficient models will definitely help you reap money in your overall pool operating costs.

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Whether you’re in the beginning phases of a new swimming pool construction project or if you’re working with your swimming pool contractor to remodel your existing pool, adding a custom in-ground spa might be an option to discuss with him. In-ground spas offer a unique look from both inside and outside of the pool and also provide a versatility the pool didn’t have before.

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Weather delays are the bane of any pool contractor and the homeowner who is anxious to get into the pool and start spending time with family and friends. When it comes to pool construction, though, Mother Nature cannot always be relied upon to adhere to pool construction schedules. Your pool contractor may make room in the construction schedule to address any potential delays, but again, Mother Nature can be fickle!

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An in ground swimming pool can provide some of the most enjoyable hours of your day but it’s wise to thoroughly consider your reasons for wanting a pool before starting the project. If your No. 1 reason is because everyone in the neighborhood, or a family member or friend has one, that might not be the right reason. Planning, building and maintaining a swimming pool or spa is a major addition to your home and can create a great space for enjoyment but also comes with responsibilities.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

How Will It Be Used?

Do you want a pool for exercise, to swim laps? Is your goal to provide better entertainment space? Is it mostly for adult use or for children? All of these questions will help define the best type of pool for your use.

What Size and Shape Do You Want?

If you have a lot of backyard space you may find that you will want a larger pool or a fully expanded backyard living space. On the other hand, if you have a small to medium sized backyard, the style needs to be tailored to the slope and square footage available. You should also consider if you want the pool close to the house or a bit farther away, if you want a spa and landscaping. All of these considerations are important when designing your backyard swimming pool.

What Kind Of Budget Do You Have?

It does without saying that a budget is vital to the process of choosing the right swimming pool for your home. Pool builders acknowledge that there is a pool to fit every budget but you need to ensure that you not only like the pool that fits your finances and that your budget is reasonable.

Will You Maintain The Pool Or Do You Need A Service Contract?

Swimming pools require maintenance. Heaters, chemicals, pumps, pool vacuums, test kits are just some of the things that need your attention as a swimming pool owner. Do you have the desire to maintain the pool on your own or do you want to hire a monthly pool maintenance service? You may initially want to do the work yourself and later find that you prefer the experts to maintain your pool or vice versa.

When or How Soon Do I Want It?

Be realistic about your time frame. If you’re on a deadline, start early as delays such as rainy weather can occur and slow things down. You might also strongly consider building a pool off-season when it’s a little cooler. Not only will you be in less of a rush, your swimming pool will be fully ready for the start of the hot summer weather!

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Like any new endeavor, planning and building a pool can be exciting but it can also create a lot of questions, and for some, a bit of anxiety! If you are ready to build a swimming pool in your backyard but don’t know where to begin, we have few ideas to share with you!

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There was a time when you would only find infinity pools in high end hotels and exclusive properties but new technology and equipment has changed that! No longer are infinity pools an option for select locations only! Infinity swimming pools are now a reality for homeowners, adding beauty and an added “wow” factor to your backyard getaway.

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Most people, when they think of a swimming pool, reminisce about lying in the sun, splashing in the pool and taking a break from the summer heat. This summer hasn’t been a typical one in northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan with temperatures often in the high 70’s/low 80’s rather than hitting the high 90’s. Throughout the summer we’ve heard some people comment that this isn’t the right time to build a swimming pool because it isn’t as hot outside. While that train of thought is understandable, Hawaiian Pool Builders has 4 reasons why now is the perfect time to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

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As with everything in your home, keeping it fresh and updated takes a lot of work. Often homeowners don’t maintain things until an emergency arises or they’re ready to sell the home. Working steadily at project will keep you from suddenly realizing that everything needs a facelift. Keeping your home updated pays off in several ways – it helps maintain, and perhaps increases, the value of your home, and you get to enjoy a more inviting atmosphere.

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