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When planning a new gunite pool, choosing the right material for the interior finish is one of the important decisions to be made. The pool’s interior finish is the agent that waterproofs its more porous gunite shell. It is also the coating surface that swimmers will feel when they brush up against the walls of your pool. And most of all, it contributes to the overall appearance of your pool.

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The swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders know that there will come a time when, after years of enjoyment, your swimming pool will benefit from a renovation and/or remodeling project.

If you’re planning a home renovation project, why not include your swimming pool in the project? A swimming pool makeover can make an impressive difference in your outdoor living space.

What will make you realize it’s time for a renovation? Things like stained or chipped tiles, flaking paint or even if you are simply weary of its color and design, you may decide it’s time for a makeover. The sky's the limit when you're thinking of what you want to do to upgrade your swimming pool.

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Talking with a swimming pool contractor in Michigan will have you asking many more questions than you might have originally thought about when working on plans for your pool project. One of the questions that might arise during the course of conversations is whether you want a spa as part of your swimming pool project. If the answer is “yes” then you will need to decide whether it will be a stand-alone structure or an appealing spill-over spa option.

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An infinity swimming pool is no longer limited to resorts and high-end properties. Also known as a negative-edge, zero-, or vanishing- pool, an infinity pool features one or more sides where water cascades over the pool edge virtually merging with the horizon beyond. Infinity pools provide even greater visual impact when they are built overlooking a body of water or hillside. Because it appears to merge with the horizon, it can often create an illusion that the yard is actually larger than it is.

So where does the water go and how does the pool stay full even though it appears to be losing it’s water? The pool water in an infinity pool spills over a special designed wall and falls into a catch basin below. There the water collects and circulates thru the plumbing system back into the pool. Depending on the setting, the wall and catch basin may be visible or could be hidden on a hillside where no one can access that side of the pool. Where these features are visible, Hawaiian Pool Builders works with pool owners to cover them in attractive stone or other materials.

If an infinity pool is something you desire, set an appointment with the design experts at Hawaiian Pool Builders to help you create the perfect pool.

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You and the family have been talking about it for months and have decided this is the year you will be taking the plunge into swimming pool ownership! Having a swimming pool in your backyard is like having access to your very own exotic vacation spot all summer long.

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Many people aren’t thinking about spending time in an outdoor spa during the middle of winter, but swimming pool builders in Ohio understand that if you have a hot tub or spa, that is exactly what you’re doing! Hot tubs and spas, which can be enjoyed year round, seem to see more activity in the cooler months when a dip into the heated, jet-filled structures can take the chill out of your bones and relieve aches and pains.

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Having an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard can add hours of fun for family and friends. Hawaiian Pool Builders helps you create an oasis for entertaining and summer enjoyment! Whether you’re looking for a concrete swimming pool, (also known as gunite), vinyl liner pool or a fiberglass pool, Hawaiian Pool Builders has the expertise to design the swimming pool to meet your needs.

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Are you going to have a swimming pool built this year? If so, you will want to do some research before you talk with a swimming pool contractor in Ohio so that you have an understanding of the types of water features you can have installed as part of your swimming pool project.

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When you’re talking with a swimming pool contractor in Michigan, you may not think about whether your pool project will require a retaining wall. As a swimming pool professional, a pool builder understands that not all pool installation and construction projects are straightforward and that some yards simply pose more of a challenge than others.

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Ask anyone who owns a swimming pool and they will tell you that the swimming pool not only enhances the fun you have with your family and friends, but can increase the monetary value of your home. A swimming pool also provides a built-in place for staying in shape without having to join a gym. When it comes time to have a swimming pool installed though, how do you make a decision on the type of swimming pool you’re looking for? You know that a pool – no matter its style - will amp up the aesthetics of your backyard, and here are some tips from the pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders to help you make a decision on your upcoming swimming pool project.

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