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You’ve enjoyed your swimming pool for many years, and now it’s beginning to show signs of all of that enjoyment. Bring new life to your existing pool by contacting your swimming pool builder to discuss renovation options. A swimming pool makeover can make an impressive difference to both your swimming pool and your outdoor living space.

The swimming pool professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders offer this checklist of items when looking into a renovation project:

  • Are the tiles chipped or stained?
  • Is the paint flaking?
  • Does the decking need updating or replaced?
  • Is equipment working properly?
  • What lifestyle changes has your family undergone since you had your swimming pool constructed?
  • Do you want to extend your house’s color scheme out to the pool area?
  • Do you want to upgrade the lighting around the pool and patio area?
  • Do you need to upgrade the deck, the pool tiles or install a new liner?
  • Would you like to upgrade the landscaping; remove or transplant plants, add or change fencing?
  • Do you want to add new features like a spa, fountain or waterfall?
  • Do you want to upgrade to more efficient heating and cleaning systems?

These are just a few of the things that may indicate that renovating your pool and surrounding area is a good choice. Your swimming pool contractor can explain all the options and help develop a plan to renovate and rejuvenate your existing pool area at a budget you can afford.

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Putting together a plan to have your own swimming pool is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer sunshine with friends and family. There are many items to take into consideration, not the least of which is the material from which the swimming pool is constructed. Working with your swimming pool builder will help you make decisions on the type of swimming pool, the construction material, and its shape and size.

The swimming pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders offer these five tips to help you determine whether a concrete (aka Gunite/shotcrete) swimming pool might best suit your lifestyle:

  1. A concrete swimming pool will increase your home’s value. When you’re looking to eventually sell your home, a swimming pool is an investment that will pay off during resale.
  2. An in-ground swimming pool made of gunite will enhance the beauty and ambiance of your backyard. If you add decorative retaining walls to the swimming pool design you can further customize and personalize your swimming pool and your backyard.
  3. A concrete swimming pool will last for decades. Unlike many other pools building materials it doesn’t need replacement. A concrete swimming pool will cost more money up front than other styles of swimming pools but the investment made will be reaped in its durability and beauty.
  4. Concrete swimming pools offer more variety than do other swimming pool building materials. With a concrete swimming pool, the design and style you choose is literally only limited by your budget and your imagination.

The bottom line when it comes to the beauty of a concrete swimming pool is that they are a unique choice for families seeking a unique flair in their pool design. These swimming pools do take a bit longer to construct than others, but the wait is worth it once you know you’ll be spending decades enjoying your custom built swimming pool.

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During the summer months there are so many things to enjoy about your swimming pool – things you will miss once you put on the winter pool cover.

Your list may be different but here’s our Top 10:

  1. The sounds of children laughing & playing in the pool
  2. The sounds of the waterfall as you relax poolside
  3. Exercising in the pool under the fresh outdoors
  4. Weekend parties in your outdoor living space
  5. Swim suits and lounging poolside
  6. Cook outs and pool parties
  7. Floating on a raft in the middle of the swimming pool
  8. Playing Marco Polo or water basketball
  9. The utter relaxation of night time swimming
  10. Having a built in weekend getaway right in your own backyard
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There’s nothing so fun as owning a swimming pool but the planning process is also quite exciting with so many choices to make! It’s best to come up with a budget, the total amount you are willing to invest, before you meet with your swimming pool designers. While you also need to consider the cost of chemicals and electricity these should not be a part of the construction budget.

After you have determined your maximum budget, meet with your swimming pool contractor to discuss all the options available to you.

  • The first consideration is the size and shape of your pool. This will be important as it will help determine the building material, be it fiberglass, gunite or a vinyl liner. Before you can make an informed decision you need to understand the nuances, benefits and potential drawbacks for each of these pool building materials.
  • Costs associated with operating your swimming pool filtering systems, heating, lighting, electricity, sanitation equipment and other pool items necessary for the operation of your pool. Your swimming pool builder can help you choose the best systems for your design and budget.
  • Next you will want to consider the swimming pool accessories you desire. Things such as diving boards, slides, beach walk-in designs, sun shelves, fountains or rock waterfalls all add beauty to your swimming pool, but you need to weigh the costs against your budget. You may also want to consider landscaping and lighting in this part of your discussion.

If you begin your swimming pool experience with a budget in mind, you’ll be better equipped to make the decisions on all the options available when building your own private swimming pool.

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In many areas of the country, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Though temperatures often allow for many more weeks of enjoyment in your pool, it also signals the time of year to start thinking about winterizing your pool.

Here are the steps that your swimming pool builder will take:

  • The water will need to be balanced. One of the first steps your tech will take is to make sure the water is in perfect chemical balance because that will protect your pool walls and equipment from scale buildup and erosion.
  • Your swimming pool should be, and will be, thoroughly cleaned. Your pool pro will use a pool brush to scrub the walls and floors of the pool and will then vacuum up all of the loosened debris. Leaving any dirt, debris or leaves behind can lead to stained pool finishes.
  • Winterizing chemicals will then be added to the deep end (if you have one). These chemicals keep the water quality protected during the long winter months.
  • The filter, pump basket and skimmer will be cleaned before storage. All unused chlorine will be removed from the chlorinator and the sand in your filter and grids should be cleaned and backwashed. Your tech will install a skimmer guard and plug the return line and he will lower the water in the pool to a level below the water returns. It is your preference and your swimming pool technicians’ recommendations help with this choice.
  • Hoses should be removed for the winter and drain plugs should be removed from the pump, filter tank and other equipment. Keep all of the equipment and plugs in a safe, warm dry place that you will have easy access to when the new swimming season rolls around.
  • If you have air pillows to protect your pool and the cover, you can have them inflated and available for the swimming pool renovation specialist. The air pillows should be anchored so they stay in the middle of the pool and your tech will do this by tying it from two sides so it will stay in the middle to hold the cover up. The pillows aren’t mandatory but are useful as they give the pool cover a “tent” and keep the water and snow from settling in the middle and dragging the cover down.
  • Installing the winter cover will be the next step. The cover will keep dirt, debris and rain and snow from going into the water and upsetting the chemical balances. Check the pool cover from time to time during the winter season and pump off excess water and brush off snow so that it doesn’t drag the cover down.

Don’t forget that you will want to either store or cover your deck furniture and other equipment to protect it from the ravages of winter. If you don’t have a dedicated space for the furniture remove the cushions and store them where the elements won’t damage them. Taking steps now will keep your pool in shape for the next season and making pool opening in 2013 go more smoothly.

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Now that summer is coming to an end in most areas of the country, those considering a swimming pool project may think it’s too late. In fact, the timing couldn’t be better! Fall is a perfect time to build a pool. Meet with the designers at Hawaiian Pool Builders to build a pool that will be the centerpiece of your backyard and next summer’s entertainment!

There are several essentials to consider with your pool construction project:

  • Great pool design and preparation: Consult with a swimming pool contractor to determine the best use of the space you have available and the best swimming pool design for your needs. This is the first, and most important step. Following that you will need to decide what kind of pool building materials you will want to use – concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner.
  • Outdoor living/entertainment area: When you’re not spending time in the water, you will want a place to kick back and relax. The deck area is the spot where you’ll be entertaining and watching the children while they frolic. There are many options from which to choose that range from the simple to the elaborate. Work with your swimming pool contractor and ask what you can have constructed within your specified budget. Consider adding an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, pool house, patio roof or even a timber or paving stone deck and walkway.
  • Landscaping/garden design: Practical garden designs around a swimming pool not only enhance the aesthetic but can be an environmentally friendly space and can also help cut down on water evaporation (plants can block the wind). Make certain you choose plants such as golden cane, kentia palms, xanadu or agapanthus; these plants soften the edges of the swimming pool deck and also won’t give rise to problems with falling leaves and expanding root systems.
  • Water features: Consider a rock waterfall as a way to enhance the ambiance of the pool area. You can have a rock waterfall that filters into a water garden area in your swimming pool. Rock waterfalls can also conceal a grotto with sun shelves in the swimming pool.
  • Security and safety: These accessories are required by law and many swimming pool owners put in more than one security device to provide their family with layers of safety. Pool fencing cannot only be functional but beautiful as well and alarms can add peace of mind. Your pool builder can advise you on the best options for your project.

Consult your pool builder now to secure a fall construction project!

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The innovative swimming pool builders at Hawaiian Pool Builders know that much of the excitement of a swimming pool is that it is attractive, fascinating and uniquely yours. When you’re searching for a pool builder, consider Hawaiian Pool Builders. Our designers can help you create a pool within your budget and time frame.

Hawaiian Pools understands how to combine your wishes and needs into a pool that you can enjoy for many years! Whether you’re upgrading your existing swimming pool or building one from scratch, you need to work with an experienced pool builder who understands function and efficiency.

Hawaiian Pool Builders also provides services such as:

  • Checking the filters, cleaning and backwashing
  • Testing the water and balancing the chemicals
  • Skimming the debris (something the homeowner will do between service visits)
  • Vacuuming the swimming pool
  • Cleaning the equipment and checking it make certain it’s working at peak efficiency

Choosing a swimming pool contractor is a big decision! The design team at Hawaiian Pool Builders will take measures to help you fully understand every step of the process and ensure you’ll have the pool of your dreams!

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Swimming pool contractors understand the importance of keeping the swimming pool tiles, as well as the swimming pool water and the pool walls clean. Pool maintenance involves addressing and removing calcium water deposits and lime scale from your deck.

Hard water deposits are usually found on the upper rows of the tiles that surround your swimming pool and as a result, generally only a few inches of water will need to be drained to remove the deposits.

When your service tech comes to clean the pool tiles here are some of the steps involved:

  • The pool water will be drained below the rows of tiles with hard water or lime deposits.
  • A layer of an acidic gel tile cleaner will be applied, one section at a time. The gel will be worked into the tiles and allowed to sit and work for at least 15 minutes to loosen the deposits.
  • The deposits will be scoured and deposits that are not easily removed will be scraped.
  • The gel and its residue will need to be wiped away and your swimming pool pro will take care to not let any of the cleaner into the pool water.
  • Your tech will work his way around the pool inspecting all of the surfaces and will repeat the process until the tiles are clean.
  • If you have hard water build up and deposits on the tiles on the deck surrounding the swimming pool, your pool tech will take care of that as well.

Calcium and lime build up are one of those items that kind of sneak up on you without your noticing until it becomes a problem. Utilizing the services of a swimming pool contractor will help keep the tiles clean before they become an issue.

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Swimming pool fences and enclosures certainly are important considerations for your backyard pool. These structures serve double duty providing for both beauty and safety. The type and style of swimming pool fence or enclosure is a decision that should be made in the beginning stages of your swimming pool construction. If your community requires the installation of safety fences, there may be specific regulations for size, height and style. Your swimming pool contractor is aware of these regulations and can provide specifics for your project.

A swimming pool enclosure not only helps keep the water clean, but it keeps children from accidentally falling in. Proper placement of the enclosure can also help keep the wind from blowing across the top of the water and this can help cut down on evaporation.

As you begin thinking about adding an enclosure near your pool, consider the following:

  • Do you want the enclosure to wrap around the swimming pool or do you want it to also surround your entertaining area to create an enclosed patio?
  • Are you looking at your enclosure as a way to keep children out or do you need it to provide a privacy barrier as well?
  • Will your enclosure be merely a functional structure or will it be used to improve the aesthetics and ambiance of the outdoor living area?
  • Will you want it to be a natural blend of your existing landscape?
  • Do you want a full or partial roof or will it be open?

These and other questions will help you and your pool contractor design an enclosure to match your desires.

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Pool landscaping (aka poolscaping) is one of the most enjoyable parts of a swimming pool project. The finishing touches on a pool helps create a lovely atmosphere. It is also one of the biggest opportunities that homeowners have to let their creativity shine and working with the design team at Hawaiian Pools Builders you can be assured that you’re making decisions that will add beauty and enhance your enjoyment.

Here are just a few things to consider as you work with the design team to create your dream backyard oasis:

  1. Safety – this is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when putting together your pool-landscaping plan. Poolscaping can add both aesthetic touches as well as standard safety measures.
  2. Patios – consider extending the deck around your swimming pool into an entire patio area. You can turn your pool area from functional to beautiful. Consider plants and trellises to add beauty and create a privacy barrier if needed. A colorful flagstone walkway, overstuffed pool furniture and outdoor lighting are additional options to consider.
  3. Storage – for both convenience and practical reasons you can add a small storage area to the swimming pool area. You can work with your swimming pool contractor to see about the construction of a pool house if you’re looking for something more functional than to serve as pure storage. A pool house can be large enough to serve as a guesthouse or small enough to simply be a spot to store pool equipment or change into and out of bathing suits.
  4. Accessorize – it’s the small touches that add the most benefit to a landscaping design. The small touches can include potted plants, poolside tables, the colors and designs of your patio furniture as well as the inflatables you have in your swimming pool.

Spend time with your Toledo swimming pool contractor and you’re bound to come up with a swimming pool project and landscape plan that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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