The dog days of summer are upon us so you’re probably enjoying your swimming pool nearly every day! We recently ran across seven Guinness World Records for swimming pools and thought we’d share them for your reading pleasure.

Any time you run across a headline that reads, Guinness World Record, don’t ask why. The answer is always going to be ‘because’. Because he or she did, or because they, or we, can. It’s just part of human nature, the competition, and the spirit that even makes the Guinness Book of World Records exist. Who knows, maybe one of these will inspire you to add a swimming-pool world record to the book.

Guinness BookYou may be surprised, and entertained, to read about these Guinness swimming pool records:

1. Deepest pool for diving:
It opened on May 1st, 2004, and is located in Brussels, Belgium. The pool is named The Nemo 33 diving pool. Perhaps it’s named Nemo after the vastly popular movie “Finding Nemo”. If you recall, Nemo went off the deep end. The pool has a depth of 108 ft or 33 meters at its deepest point; containing about 660,000 gallons of water.

2. Largest wave pool: Located in Siam Park City leisure park in Bangkok, Thailand, this pool opened on April 30th, 2009. The 149,389-foot wave pool has been making waves as high as 9.8 ft, entertaining visitors young and old. In North America, the largest wave pool is at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World, Florida.

3. Most nationalities in a swimming pool:
This record was both attempted and achieved on September 8, 2012. Why? No one really knows. It was brought together by the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Bluche, Switzerland. The record included 82 different nationalities and to prove they truly were deserving of this interesting distinction, the students all provided their passports as proof of their nationality.

4. World’s largest swimming pool:
Olympic size swimming pools are definitely big, the world’s largest pool by area honor goes to a large, water sports and activity-oriented seaside resort in Chile. Its freshwater lagoon entertains water and sun loving guests at the San Alfonso del Mar all year-round.

5. Most people to swim one length in a 24-hour relay:
This one was for a good cause. From June 11-12, 2010, 5,038 swimmers participated in a relay to raise money for the Paediatric Research Institute, “Citt della Speranza”. Participants covered a distance of more than 57 miles. The youngest swimmer was 4, and the oldest was 81.

I know we suggested setting a new world record, but perhaps the next two should be avoided:

6. Worldwide skinny dip:
The awkwardly titled “largest skinny dip” record goes to Midsummer Skinny Dip. Exactly 413 folks participated in the buff to benefit the charity Marie Curie Cancer Care. This unique event took place in Llangennith, South Wales, in the UK on June 19th, 2011.

7. Largest US skinny dip:
13,674 bathers participated in this event on July 11, 2008. It took place throughout the U.S. in 103 club locations and was organized by American Association for Nude Recreation.

There you have it. Seven swimming pool events or places that have made the Guinness Book of World Records.  

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