October is here, as are the cool, crisp days and nights. By now, your pool is probably closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. With Halloween fast approaching, Hawaiian Pool Builders has a list of six Halloween pool party decoration ideas along with some games and music.

Halloween Pool PartyWhen it comes to the decorations, there’s a good chance you have most of the items around the house, and if not, with a quick trip to your local dollar store you’ll have all the supplies you need. With a few simple decorations, pool accessories and a creative touch, your Halloween party will be one your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

Glowing jack o lantern buckets
This one is a great project for you and your children. In fact, it may easily be the best Halloween pool party idea yet. Glowing jack o lantern buckets are fun to make, safe, and take no longer than 5 minutes. All you need is a few cheap Halloween buckets and some glowsticks. Just crack the glowstick, match the color to the bucket, and drop it in. And what’s cool about these is that they float, so you can leave them to casually glide across the pool surface, or just place a few around deck.  

Floating pumpkins
Gather a few hollowed-out pumpkins and toss them into the pool. Although they won’t stand out as much as the floating jack o lanterns, they will still provide a festive atmosphere.  It’s not often you see floating pumpkins.

Colored LED lights
You can buy LED lights that come is many colors, but for Halloween, red, purple, orange and black are great choices. Most strands can be programmed to change from color to color, or fade in and out. You can add to the feel by switching out some of your patio lighting with a variety of fun colors, too.

Misty swamp
Of all the ideas, this one will probably be the coolest, if done correctly. You can turn your swimming pool into the scene of a dark, misty swamp. For this, you’ll need two things: good lighting and fog. With the LED lights ready to go, you have two options for creating the fog. You can rent a fog machine and hide it behind a planter or in another inconspicuous area on your patio, and trigger the fog when desired. The other option is to use dry ice. Although the science behind dry ice is intriguing, we encourage you to use caution when handling it. Always wear thick leather gloves or a towel to pick it up. Once you’ve found a safe way to move the ice, grab a bucket and fill it halfway with hot water. To create the fog effect, drop chunks of the dry ice into the water. It will begin to melt immediately, emitting white vapors creating an effect similar to a fog machine. To keep the fog rolling across your swamp, you’ll have to keep replacing the water once it’s cold.

Climbing skeletons
To improve the look of your misty swamp, purchase a few skeletons and place them strategically around your pool. One could be on the ladder, the slide, or diving board. If you have a hot tub, place one on an inner tube so he can lounge around.

Create a dance floor
Did you know that you can actually rent a plexiglass dance floor to cover your pool? Change out a few of the bulbs in your pool, and create an exciting colorful dance floor that’s sure to impress your guests.

No Halloween party is complete without the right music. Here’s a few to get the dancing started, either on your spooky dance floor, patio or in the garage:

Thriller – Michael Jackson
Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
Season of the Witch – Donovan
Time Warp – from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett
Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr.
Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
Spooky – Dusty Springfield
Phantom of the Opera, the soundtrack
The Adams Family Theme – Vic Mizzy
Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead – The Munchkins
Black Magic Woman – Steppenwolf

Don’t forget the games. Kids of all ages enjoy games.  While everyone enjoys bobbing for apples, why not add some variety? You could add: bowling down the ghosts. By using some white Styrofoam, paint black ‘ghost’ faces on them and purchase a pumpkin inflatable, and just like that, you have a bowling game.

A Halloween themed cornhole game is always fun, or even a pin-the-nose on the monster.

Your party wouldn’t be the same without costumes. Encourage the guests to come dressed however they want, or create a theme like Game of Thrones, Medieval, Hollywood characters, or Disney. The list is endless.

There’s so much to do, and ways to be creative for Halloween, and at Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are sure that you can come up with even more ideas and tunes than we listed here. Check out our Halloween Pinterest board for even more ideas.

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