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Swimming is a great form of exercise and leads to a number of health benefits.  Consider incorporating swimming as a routine part of your day and reap all, or some, of these rewards.

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Every spring and summer, people head to the beach for relaxation and fun. Swimming in the ocean is not at all like swimming in your own backyard swimming pool so it’s important to be prepared. If you’re traveling with young children, it’s even more important to consider the different skills it takes to swim with ocean currents and rip tides all around.

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Having a swimming pool means you have instant access to a party hot-spot. Summer may not be in your sights just yet, but it will be here before you know it and what better way to kick off the season than with a swimming pool party? Once your swimming pool contractor has opened the pool and balanced the water chemicals, you’re ready to invite friends and family.

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If you decided to make New Year’s resolutions and if one of them was “getting in shape” the good news is that a swimming pool is the ideal location to bring that resolution to fruition! Michigan Swimming pool contractor, Hawaiian Pool Builders, understands that for many people a swimming pool is a place to host parties and frolic with the children. They also understand that getting in shape in a swimming pool doesn’t even feel like work so it’s easy and fast to jump in, swim a few laps or do water aerobics or even play some water volleyball with the kids and get in shape at the same time!

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If you’re looking for a way to get in shape, not cause damage to your joints and do both without breaking a sweat, look no further than your swimming pool! In addition to being a great place for fun and frolic, your swimming pool offers an opportunity to exercise. Swimming is a sport that you and your family can enjoy that benefits both mind and body..

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As soon as you become a swimming pool owner you become a gathering place. There is nothing more fun or exciting than inviting over friends and family to your house for a swimming pool party on a hot summer day. When the sun goes down, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end because that is the time to for LED twinkle lights on the deck area and some floating candles in the swimming pool to set the mood.

Work with your Ohio swimming pool builder to make certain your swimming pool is always party-ready. Here are some tips from the pool builders at Hawaiian Pool Builders:

  • The first thing to consider when deciding to host a swimming pool party is to make certain the swimming pool water is clean and swim-ready.
  • Equip the swimming pool area with pool safety devices such as life jackets, a telephone, CPR instructions and a person who has been designated as keeping an eye on the children who are in the pool.
  • If you have plastic utensils and disposable plates and cups you won’t have to worry about spending time in the kitchen on clean-up duty. Also, plastic utensils and cups will prevent any worries with broken glass around the swimming pool. Keep all glass objects away from the pool area as you’ll be preventing any injuries to either swimmers or your pool lining or filters.
  • Keep pool tables and chairs a safe distance away from the swimming pool so there are no accidental slips into the water.
  • Keep trashcans away from the pool and deck – you don’t want to have an unwelcome mess near the pool.
  • Just as drinking and driving don’t mix, neither do swimming and drinking. If you do offer alcohol, be sure someone is on duty to provide a measure of safety.
  • Food should also be prepared and stored properly. Don’t let your food sit out, uncovered and unrefrigerated. Keep the cold food cold either in a refrigerator or on ice until you’re ready to serve it. Make certain your grilled foods are thoroughly cooked as well.
  • Keep extra towels and beach shoes on hand for guests who drop by unexpectedly.
  • If the party goes on into the night, be prepared to burn a few citronella candles or light some tiki torches to add to the ambiance and to keep mosquitoes at bay.

You’ll find that swimming pool parties can be relaxing for you and your guests as long as you’re prepared with safety in mind!

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Decisions, decisions, decisions – that’s what you”re faced with when you’re considering having a swimming pool built in your Ohio backyard. The swimming pool building professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders offer these top 10 reasons why you should have your own swimming pool built.

  1. Family time: Swimming pools are a great way for families to come together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and bond – all while getting in shape. Swimming pools are also a great way to build lasting memories.
  2. Party central: Hosting a swimming pool party is a great way to entertain friends and family. Invite friends and neighbors over for a poolside cookout and a swim. If you install an outdoor barbeque or kitchen, your fun can extend well into the nighttime hours.
  3. Vacation, anyone? Having a swimming pool is like having a vacation spot right outside the backdoor. Depending on the amenities you include in your swimming pool you can take your backyard from a simple recreation place to a paradise oasis with the installation of a lazy river or a waterfall feature.
  4. Your own exercise spot and spa: You can lose weight in a low impact way by swimming laps. If you have your own swimming pool you also save on gym memberships and commutes. Research shows that swimming offers a better total body workout – with a low risk of injury – than many other types of exercise.
  5. Relaxation: What better way to unwind from the stresses of the day than with a dip in your own swimming pool or spa? Spending time in the water helps you to relax and rid yourself of stress. Also, a good, relaxing swim can help you sleep better.
  6. Increase your home’s value: Studies show that having a swimming pool can increase your home’s value by as much as 20% and in today’s competitive market, what a great way to make your home stand out from the crowd. A well-designed swimming pool could be the difference in selling your home.
  7. Beat the heat: Rather than having to deal with traffic and crowds to make your way to the beach, having a pool in your own backyard offers a great way to quickly beat the heat.
  8. Save money: A swimming pool is easier to finance and maintain than most people think. In the long run, swimming pools are less expensive than a week long family vacation and other entertainment options. A well-built swimming pool is a lifelong investment in fun!
  9. It’s always there: When you build a pool it’s an investment from which you will reap rewards for a lifetime. Think about it, movies, vacations and theme park visits all come to an end… your swimming pool will be there as a constant way for you and your family to have fun together.
  10. Keeping track of the kids: When you have a swimming pool in your backyard, chances are you’ll know where your kids are – in the pool! Having your own swimming pool is a convenient, safe place for your children to play.

If you talk to your Ohio swimming pool builder you will certainly come up with more reasons why your family should have its own swimming pool built, but these will certainly get you thinking of the manyreasons why you will want to take the plunge!

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I was introduced to the water at a very young age. When I was little my parents enlisted me in a swimming lessons class in the neighborhood. I’ve really loved the water and loved swimming ever since. It was really strange to me to see other kids my age who didn’t know how to swim because I had grown up knowing how. Some kids are just never taught how to swim and are seldom around water.

Swimming should really be one of the fundamental things we learn as human. Like walking saying thank you. Whether you live on a beach next to the ocean or in the middle of the country knowing how to swim can be a very important tool.

Knowing how to swim can be viewed by some as a luxury but it can be a valuable asset in life. There are water threats everywhere we look and being prepared is extremely important. Knowing how to swim can not only save your life but can also save someone else’s.

We at Hawaiian Pool Builders highly recommend looking for swimming lessons near you for your children when they are still at a young age. Young children have no fear and will take on new things with much more enthusiasm and interest than older kids. Remember that learning to swim is very important and it saves lives.

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The swimming pool can provide us with an oasis to cool off during a hot summer day and it can also serve as a great workout alternative to your normal routine. Water aerobics can give you a great workout while keeping your body at a safe temperature to protect you from the heat.

A water aerobics routine lasts only about 30 minutes and since you’re in the pool it allows you to mix exercise with pleasure. The water resistance gives you both muscular strength and flexibility. With a steady routine in water aerobics you can splash your way to healthier muscles, heart, and lungs. Some other benefits include:

  • Less joint strain: Exercises like running, walking, and weight training are very beneficial for your body but they can also be tough on your joints. Water supports up to 80% of your body weight so you are far less likely to suffer joint injuries while doing water aerobics. This is a very good source of exercise for elderly people or those who are at a higher risk of joint injury.
  • Quicker muscular strength: Because of the much higher amount of resistance in water compared to air water aerobics works muscles much more effectively than a regular aerobics routine on dry land. People tend to achieve results quicker in water than on land.
  • Heart Health: When engaging in water aerobics the heart works at a lower rate compared to running or walking on land. An intense water aerobics workout can greatly help your heart health.
  • Keeps your body cool: Exercise while in a pool will help you maintain a constant temperature and keeps you at a safe temperature when the weather outside is hot.
  • More calories are burned: Exercising in water can burn 450-700 calories per hour.

So jump in the swimming pool and enjoy the benefits and hours of fun!

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You’ve watched the progress your Ohio swimming pool builders have made in the construction and installation of your swimming pool and now it’s ready for you to jump in and start enjoying it with friends and family. Your first thought might be to have an “unveiling” party for your swimming pool and that’s a great way to go!

There are many ideas for what you can do to offer fun and excitement for friends and family around your swimming pool and the swimming pool builders at Hawaiian Pools offer these tips to make your party a memorable one:

  • Choose a date, time and how long the party will last and then either send unique invitations in the mail to your guests or go digital and send an email invitation. The more lead time you give your guests, the better your turn out will be. If you opt for mailing invitations, choose an invitation that sets the tone for your party – a pool party beach theme, a sandal, a sand bucket, etc. Make certain you set a rain date in advance in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.
  • Decide on a theme for your pool party. You could certainly go with an “everyone into the pool” theme but you might want to go bigger! You can choose from a Hawaiian beach party theme or a movie night or a beachside barbecue party theme. Choose food and decorations to reflect the theme. You can even ask your guests to bring a dish to pass that reflects the theme and see what their take on it is.
  • What’s your ideal party size? It depends on how large your swimming pool and back yard are and how many people you can accommodate. Include an RSVP so you can better plan for seating areas, food and drink. Ask your guests to bring their own towels but provide a drying line so they can be hung up to dry out between dips in the pool.
  • What kind of food to serve? It depends on whether you’re planning to cook and serve food to coordinate with your themed pool party, or whether you’re going to order in pizzas or sandwich trays or cook up burgers and hot dogs, you want to make certain you have enough food and side dishes to feed all of your guests. Make sure you budget for enough food, plates, utensils and drinks to keep everyone satisfied throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget the fun! Having a swimming pool guarantees the party will be fun but you can amp it up by offering games both inside the pool and those that can be played poolside. Grab some inflatables, a net for a water volleyball game or a hoop for some in-pool basketball games. Pick up a croquet or badminton set and consider filling a wading pool for the younger children who may not want to go into the swimming pool. Set up a CD player or some other way to have music playing in the background throughout the day. You can play popular music or, again, choose music that heightens the theme of your party.

No matter what you have planned in and around your swimming pool, your Ohio swimming pool builders remind you that safety needs to always be front of mind. Make certain alcoholic beverages are kept to a minimum and you might even want to pick up a few lifejackets for the smallest swimmers that will be in attendance. Someone needs to be responsible for the swimmers in the pool – from adult to young children to assure the party is nothing but fun all day.

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