Did you know that Hawaiian Pool Builders has a retail store? We do, and it’s located directly next to our showroom. We are thrilled to be in our third year of operation, and the momentum continues to build.
Purchase any shock and get one free, or any pool toy and get one free! Hurry! The BOGO sale is only good until 7/15/2018.

RetailWhat are the benefits of buying from a local pool store:

• We are locally owned and operated.
• We understand the climate and can assist you in how to maintain your pool for our region.
• Competitive pricing – as a matter of fact, we offer the lowest liquid chlorine price around.
• Knowledgeable staff – if the answer alludes us, we will find it, and get back to you.
• Family friendly atmosphere and your pets are also welcome!
• We can order anything you need; and most orders come in on Tuesday or Thursday.

We also offer to come out and test your water for free. With the season almost here, please give us a call so we can get you on the schedule. We know you don’t want to waste one day of water fun.

Toys: When you think about summer, it should always begin with fun. Making sure your pool toys are well stocked is as easy as one trip to our store. We carry everything from pool noodles to volleyball nets made just for your in-ground swimming pool.

Here’s a short list of some of the items we offer for your pool and your spa:

Supplies for your pool:

Liquid Chlorine-
easy to use when shocking pool, no need to mix chlorine granules, can be used in vinyl liner pools without discoloration.
Pool Season’s Algae Control – easy to use and has the highest concentration of Algaecide. It can also be used in salt pools.
Natural Chemistry PhosFree- Good because it attacks phosphates in pool, can be added to a weekly maintenance plan, and uses natural chemicals that are not harmful.
Natural Chemistry Metal Free – Attacks metals in pools, can be added to a weekly maintenance plan, and uses natural chemicals that are not harmful.
Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Total  – improves water clarity, cleans filter, maintains phosphate levels.
Natural Chemistry Cover Free  – reduces evaporation and regulates water temperature by providing an invisible barrier on pool surface. Super Shockwave- granule bag of shock with the highest concentration of shock. 1 bag per 10,000 gallons.

Supplies for your spa:
SpaPure  – All chemicals needed for spas, designed specifically for use in spas.
SpaZazz – offers a wide variety of Aromatherapy spa salts. Anything from simple scents to stress relief, sport therapy, and respiratory therapy.

With pool season just around the corner, we make sure to have plenty of items you need: Bromine tabs, non-chlorine shock, algae control, filter cleaner, liquid and tablet form chlorine, and conditioners, just to name a few. We also offer test strips with a large selection from which to choose, whether your pool is chlorine based, or salt based.

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