When it comes to deciding on putting in a pool, one of the most important choices is what kind of pool? At Hawaiian Pools, we specialize in 3 types of inground swimming pools. We offer Gunite, Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass pools.

When deciding on your pool, you always need to look at location, determine how large, what shape you want, depth, etc. There are many factors that go into your decision, not to mention what ‘type’ of pool. A fiberglass pool designed by Thursday Pools is a standard in choices.thursday pools

Their pools are designed with unique craftsmanship; each pool is designed and tooled by master craftsmen. You won’t find their designs in another manufacturer’s brochure, because they do not produce molds by splashing the pools of others. The mold sets the foundation for which all pools will be produced, and they will work on your specific design from their house to yours.

Thursday Pools ensures that your first step into your fiberglass pool is the safest. They want your first step to be solid. That is why they treat the surface with a proprietary texture to help you avoid any slips and falls. That is why they treat your steps with as much scrutiny as they do on the rest of the pool finish. Their non-skid non-abrasive will keep your bathing suits from snagging, but, more importantly, keep your family safer in the water.

Your pool surface will be your first impression and your last. Their gel coat surface is designed to last and look luxurious while being both. They use the best gel coat on the market. They don’t spend money on marketing gimmicks, just on quality ingredients in their gel coating.

Their hand-crafted and beautifully designed inground fiberglass pools will not only enhance your home, but your quality of life. With five colors to choose from, a fiberglass pool from Thursday Pools will fit beautifully into your back yard oasis and make every day feel like the start of the weekend.

Let us help you find the best pool for your location! Schedule an appointment with our pool designer to look over all the options available to you.

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