Outdoor swimming pool weather will be here before you know it.  At Hawaiian Pools, we want to make sure your season is off to a great start with a few stafety tips for adults and children.

Often times it’s the simple things that are overlooked when it comes to swimming pool safety. For instance:

  • Use common sense when it comes to food and beverages around the pool. Don’t chew gum while swimming, you could easily choke.
  • Never drink alcohol and swim.
  • If you’ve had a large meal, it’s wise to allow your food to settle before getting back into the pool. Even the simple pool ‘fun’ isn’t smart on a full stomach.
  • Use plastic glasses pool side.
  • Watch out for the ‘too’s’ – too tired, too cold, along with too much sun, etc. When you begin to feel ‘too’ it’s time to get out of the water and enjoy your day pool side.

There are always those pool rules and safer swimming guidelines that you or your guests may not even consider: Pool Safety

  • Obey ‘No Diving’ signs. Safety says enter a backyard swimming pool feet first instead of head first.
  • Do not sit on the main drain, or place any part of your body on it. The suction from the drain is strong, and could trap you underwater and cause serious injury.
  • Always, always watch the weather. Know your weather conditions and be prepared for them. Because water conducts electricity, clear the pool as soon as you hear or see a storm approaching.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers posted pool-side.

The above tips apply for everyone that may be in your pool, but, there are always special precautions when it comes to children.

  • Install fencing around your pool and spa to prevent access by younger children even when you are home. Fences should be at least four feet high with self-latching, self-closing gates. Also, keep the area close to the fence free of any patio furniture so children aren’t tempted to climb.
  • No matter how shallow the water, or what skills the child may have, always supervise children when they are around or in your pool.

By following a few safety precautions, we are confident you’ll enjoy your swimming pool season.

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