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Summertime means pool time for children and adults. Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity and it’s an easy way to stay physically active and improve strength, flexibility and stamina. All who spend time in a pool should take classes to learn basic swimming skills and water safety tips.

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Families who have swimming pools know that before they can teach their children to swim, they have to first get them comfortable in the swimming pool. It takes patience and perseverance to get your child comfortable in the water and the parent has to offer loving support while doing this. The rewards of patience pay off in the long run when you and your children will be able to spend hours of fun in the swimming pool.

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Swimming pools are an ideal place to spend time with friends and family, but like almost anything, owners should ensure that safety measures are in place. To prevent any kind of accidents in or around your swimming pool, you can talk with your swimming pool contractor from Hawaiian Pool Builders and ask them to give you a walk through on steps you can take to make your pool the safest it can be.

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Think of summer and most of us think of the backyard barbeque, baseball, swimming and vacations! Make your summer fun-time safe and enjoyable by reading, and following, these water safety tips from the American Red Cross!

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It may seem unnecessary to remain hydrated when you spend all day in the swimming pool, but it is! Water intake should be carefully monitored, especially for children that are frolicking in the swimming pool for hours on end. Their skin will certainly be wet, but they need to be ingesting water or other liquids to keep their bodies hydrated. Note: We don’t recommending drinking the swimming pool water because of the chemicals.

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Owning a swimming pool means you have a perfect backyard oasis in which to host pool parties, exercise, have fun with the family and simply cool off during the hot summer days.

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Pools, spas, hot tubs, lap pools….they all offer many cardiovascular and strengthening health benefits. In fact, swimming has been shown to have more benefits than running or jogging according to a study done by the University of South Carolina. However, safety should always be top of mind!

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Swimming pool safety is something that should never be taken lightly, even if you and your children have taken swimming lessons and are comfortable in the water.

The swimming pool builders at Hawaiian Pool Builders offer these five poolside safety tips to keep your poolside fun accident free:

  1. A poolside fence is an important safety measure. Fencing is mandatory in some area but if not required in your area, it should be considered as it provides an added barrier from accidents. If your swimming pool is in ground and you don’t have a fence, a child could run, slip and fall in, especially if he’s playing outside in the dark. A swimming pool fence that surrounds the entire pool and locks is a safety measure that can be both beautiful and functional.
  2. Swimming pool safety alarms provide an additional layer of protection. These alarms come in many styles including bands worn on the swimmers and to alarms that sound if the surface of the water is broken. Your swimming pool builder can help you choose the best alarm for your lifestyle.
  3. Education about swimming pool safety should be continually discussed. Your children should know they shouldn’t run around the pool deck, they shouldn’t have any riding toys in the pool area and they should never swim without an adult in attendance.
  4. Lifejackets and swimming pool life saving devices should be kept in the pool area. Your children should know how to use these devices and depending on their level of comfort in the water they should use lifejackets when they’re in the water.
  5. Keep a telephone and a list of emergency contact numbers poolside. Always appoint a responsible adult to keep track of the children that are in the pool and make certain that someone in attendance knows how to perform CPR.

Consider swimming pool safety measures as a way to enhance the enjoyment your family has around the swimming pool rather than as restrictions to fun.


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Many swimming pool owners view a diving board as simply an add-on to the pool fun, but diving boards are the cause of many a backyard mishap. It should be routine to check that your diving board is secure and in safe operating order. Throughout the season, hardware should be checked to ensure nothing is loose and the foundation should be checked for cracks.

As with all swimming pool safety rules, make certain children who use the diving board and the swimming pool are supervised at all times. Use extreme caution – or avoid the swimming pool altogether — if you’re drinking alcohol.

Here are diving board safety tips provided by theswimming pool professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders:

  1. Use diving boards the way they are intended – one person at a time, making certain the water is deep enough for diving.
  2. Never dive – or swim – alone.
  3. Stay out from under the board when someone is on it.
  4. Know the weight limits of the diving board.
  5. Make sure when you jump away from the board that you jump far enough away so you don’t hit your head.
  6. Don’t run on the board – it can be slippery and you could slip and fall.
  7. Don’t dive from the board if the pool is crowded with swimmers.

Pool slides are an additional way to add fun to your pool. They do require specific height and space requirements to be used safely. Here are slide safety tips:

  1. As with diving – never use the slide alone. Make certain the slide has been installed to manufacturer specs.
  2. Have a routine maintenance schedule to make certain pool is secure.
  3. Know the weight limits of the pool slide.
  4. Only one person at a time should be going down the slide. To avoid head and neck injury, always go down the slide feet first.
  5. To avoid head and neck injury, always go down the slide feet first.
  6. Keep the slide wet, especially on hot days to prevent burns.

Having a swimming pool in your backyardis a great, fun addition and as with anything your family undertakes, do it safely and use common sense!

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Swimming pools are fun and enjoyable but everyone who owns one knows that safety must be top of mind at all times. The responsibility of looking out for safety for all who spend time in and around the swimming pool is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  1. Overall water quality: Harmful bacteria can take hold in water that is poorly maintained. The water quality needs to be checked and balanced to prevent individuals from catching water-born bacterial infections.
  2. Pool Slides and Diving Boards: A slide and diving board can add fun and enjoyment to a swimming pool but they must be used with care. Also, make certain your swimming pool contractor checks the slide and diving board to make certain they are properly secured and that the tread on the diving board is still in good working order.
  3. The electrical systems: Because your swimming pool uses electricity to keep the pumps and filters and heaters running, it’s crucial that your swimming pool service professional check the electrical systems and the grounding of those systems on each pool maintenance visit.
  4. Deck Safety: A slippery deck can lead to trips and falls. There is likely no way to keep your pool deck dry when the family is splashing and having a great time in the water, but you want to make certain that the deck doesn’t become a host for algae or mold as this will make it even more slippery. Talk with your pool contractor to discuss safety measure and remember to enforce a “do not run” on the deck rule.
  5. Chemicals: The proper storage of pool chemicals needs to be front of mind. Because swimming pool chemicals are a toxic mix of alkaline and acids, they need to be stored away from curious children and pets. One of the many benefits of having a swimming pool service to keep the water clean and clear is that you don’t have to store your own chemicals.

Swimming pools, when used with care and safety in mind, can be fun for the whole family. Make sure, too that the swimming pool toys you provide your children are suitable for pool use and that you don’t rely on pool noodles or arm floats for swimming pool safety. Work with your swimming pool con


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