Pool Guide

Swimming pool owners who use a sand filter for their pool water may know that a sand filter is the most commonly used pool filter. It is affordable and easy to operate and that’s what makes is a filter of choice.

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One of the biggest decisions a pool owner makes regarding their swimming pool is choosing the pool liner. The choices you make will be with you for years and years to come so taking the time to review all the options for a vinyl liner pool is time well spent.

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Using a swimming pool cover is a wise choice but we often find that people don’t use them for a variety of reasons. Often we are asked questions such as, When should you cover your swimming pool? When you’re not going to use it for an hour or two? Overnight? When you’re on vacation and the pool won’t get used for a week? The answer is that ideally, you should cover it any time you’re not using it. Taking the swimming pool cover on and off isn’t always easy and quick, though an automatic or liquid pool cover is nice, it’s simply a good habit to form!

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Back in the day, we went outside to play and work and then came inside to relax and sleep and dine. But times have changed! Today, we have found ways to make our outdoor space fabulous by creating outdoor rooms. Our outdoor kitchens and living rooms and fireplaces surrounding the pool make us want to live loud outdoors. So how can you make the most of this?

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We often remind our customers that using a swimming pool cover is beneficial and a great investment in the life of the pool and that there are a variety of available options. Did you know that there are “liquid solar pool covers” on the market?

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Having decided to create your own personal 'staycation' spot in your back yard, it's time to begin that design. Location is everything. Where do you want your kitchen, and how will people get to it?

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When you have a swimming pool it’s only natural that it will be the focal point of your backyard. The landscaping around the pool and outdoor living space adds to the overall beauty and aesthetics of the entire outdoor experience and that’s where landscaping with potted plants comes into play!

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Adding a pool fence to your backyard doesn’t mean it has to be uninviting and purely functional. Your swimming pool fence can be aesthetically pleasing while providing safety.

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Now that summer is almost upon us, we are reminded that there is nothing more fun than owning your own pool … right in your back yard. Friends and family visiting for great parties around the barbeque, hitting the water and watching our children and grandchildren all help make wonderful memories! Summer also brings with it the Fourth of July with its spectacular displays of fireworks and fire in the sky. Love this outdoor living.

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When we furnish our homes, we place a lot of energy into selecting the right lighting for each room. The kitchen needs both bright and soft lighting to be functional. Cozy seating areas and bedrooms get more indirect lighting … out bathrooms get that blinding light so we can see every character flaw needing correcting before we go public.

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