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With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about the perfect swimming pool gift that they are sure to love. If you’re like most swimming pool owners, you’re always looking for some way to add to the fun you have in and around your swimming pool and a new gadget, toy or relaxation item is sure to please mom, dad and the rest of the family!

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No longer are swimming pool covers considered a pool accessory, many pool owners consider them must-have pieces of pool equipment for many reasons.

Your Ohio and Michigan swimming pool contractor, Hawaiian Pool Builders, offers several reasons why pool covers should be used diligently:

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Swimming pools are great fun for families who have them, but they come with some tasks and responsibilities to keep them running properly, explain the swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders. The care and maintenance of the pool itself and the pool water is why many individuals hire swimming pool professionals to keep the water clean and sanitized.

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When the sun goes down you don’t necessarily have to move the party indoors and away from the swimming pool, especially if you work with your pool contractor, Hawaiian Pool Builders, to have a fire pit or other heat feature added to the swimming pool deck area.

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Owning a swimming pool with a deep end can mean that even in the daytime the deepest part of the pool can be hard to see. Adding lighting to the pool floor and walls enhances the safety in the deep end of the pool and for swimming at night.

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There are so many decisions to be made when putting together your plan for a swimming pool project. One of the biggest is, “What kind of filter should I use?” The reason this decision needs to be explored and explained is that the filter is the heart of the pool and helps keep the water clean and clear and free of bacteria.

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The swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders know that ease of ownership is prized as much by swimming pool owners as is the pool itself. How can you incorporate ease into the ownership of your swimming pool? Ask the contractors from Hawaiian to explain the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner and consider getting one for your swimming pool.

Nothing can compare to a thorough swimming pool cleaning performed by a pool service professional, but between service visits an automatic pool vacuum helps keep the pool clean and free of dirt and debris. An automatic vacuum also helps maintain the pool waters’ cleanliness. There are many pool cleaners on the market, but Hawaiian Pool Builders recommend Pentair automatic pool cleaners for their quality, ease of use and cost.

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It’s been said that fire and water don’t mix, but we think you’ll disagree with that saying once you see how your swimming pool contractor from Hawaiian Pool Builders will work with you to incorporate a fire feature into your outdoor pool area and living space.

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Swimming pool covers are an important feature for pool owners and provide many benefits. Covering the pool when not in use helps keep the pool water warm, prevents dirt and leaves from entering the pool and restricts water evaporation. There are different types of pool covers for you to consider.

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When it comes to your backyard swimming pool, there are myriad ways to make it as unique as you and your family. One of the ways to add to the aesthetic appeal and set your swimming pool apart from the neighbors is by having your swimming pool contractor, Hawaiian Pool Builders use rock pavers to construct a rock waterfall, paver deck or walk way.

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