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Chances are you have seen those swimming pools that look as though the water is shimmering off of what looks to be “beach glass” only with a more beautiful, uniform aesthetic? If you’ve seen a swimming pool that uses glass tiles as the material for its pool walls, floor or even the deck area, you can understand why swimming pool contractors work with the suppliers at Oceanside Glass. Pool owners who want to make certain his or her pool is eco- and environmentally friendly will embrace this building material as well because it is made from recycled glass.

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Providing an extensive glossary of swimming pool features to help guide your way to a new swimming pool!

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Just because the sun is going down doesn’t mean you have to send your guests home and stop the swimming pool party. When you work with your swimming pool contractor to have LED lights installed in the pool and the backyard living area, the party can go on all night!

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Whether you’re constructing a new swimming pool or undertaking a remodeling project for your current pool, you will be called upon to choose a color for the pool. There are many considerations you will want to think about when you’re choosing your swimming pool colors.

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The sound of water is soothing to many and when you include a fountain or other water feature in your swimming pool you are adding to the ambiance and beauty of a pool. Cascade features are fast becoming one of the favorite types of water accessories that swimming pool owners are having installed as part of their pool projects.

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A zero entry swimming pool, also known as a beach entry, is a design that brings to mind going to an actual beach – minus the sand. When your pool contractor builds a zero entry pool on your behalf, he will position it at the shallow end of the pool. It will slope away and into the deeper water of the pool on a progressive grade; you will gently transition from shallow water to deep water.

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Swimming pool designs and the options available to pool owners are sometimes mind boggling! If you’re planning a new pool construction project or if you want to undertake a pool remodeling project talk to your pool contractor about the addition of color quartz finishes.

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Swimming pool contractors sometimes find themselves in a bit slower period once autumn hits, but what that means for you – whether you own a swimming pool right now or are considering becoming a pool owner by the next swim season – this is the ideal time! Being a swimming pool owner also means you need to take steps to put together a landscaping plan a part of the overall project.

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Many homeowners love to entertain and make use of every inch of their backyard. Swimming pools with spas, water features, waterfalls and unique lighting are ever more common and along with these magnificent pools, outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity making their backyard much more useful and efficient than ever before.

Outdoor spaces are becoming more sophisticated and specialized limited only by your imagination, space and budget. Many homeowners opts for a simple kitchen consisting of a grill with a side burner, while others want fuller kitchens that include a sink, dishwasher, smokers and flattop grills, granite countertops, backsplashes, and beautiful flooring.

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Having a swimming pool in your backyard is such an enjoyable benefit and today’s high-tech pool equipment and accessories can add to your enjoyment and make pool maintenance much easier. Hawaiian Pool Builders offers these five must-haves for your swimming pool.

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