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Pool Liners Explained

The liner for your swimming pool is important beyond adding beauty and style to your swimming pool; a liner is an essential part of the entire swimming pool system as it separates the structure of the pool and the pool walls from the water it’s meant to hold. Swimming pool liners can be constructed of flexible vinyl, traditional tile and cement utilizing sealants and tiles.

A vinyl liner is easy to install for a professional swimming pool contractor and is a less expensive alternative to concrete and tile pool liner construction. If your liner has rips or tears it can be patched for a time but eventually may need to be replaced.

The vinyl liners offer practical advantages and there are two types of swimming pool liners available:

Beaded liners have securing mechanisms and decorative finishes that are superior and attractive. The beaded liners can be more expensive than an overlap liner but are considered top-of-the-line when it comes to liner replacement or initial installation. The beaded liner has a beaded edge that clips into a track mounted around the edge of the pool. The smooth appearance of these liners makes them almost indistinguishable from the traditional tile and adhesive liner.

An “overlap” liner is more economical and can be used to improve the aesthetics of an inexpensive above ground swimming pool. With an overlap liner, the liner hangs over the lip of the walls and is secured by clips and the decking material.

If you’re looking to give you swimming pool a makeover, why not consider swapping out your much-loved but becoming-worn-out swimming pool liner as a project to kick off the 2020 swim season. With the myriad types and colors of pool liners available, a new liner gives your pool an instant face lift. If maintained properly, a vinyl liner can last for close to 15 years.

Their removal and installation can be easily and rather quickly performed by a Michigan swimming pool contractor.

Here’s what you can expect from the project and from one of our professionals:

  • The old liner will be removed, cut up and hauled away.
  • The pool base will be washed down to any debris and dirt can be hauled away.
  • A cement scraper will be used to peel off the old, chipped pieces of pool cement because a smooth surface is necessary when installing the new liner so that it lays flat and doesn’t wrinkle.
  • Acid and water will be combined to remove any stains and possible algae growth
  • The new vinyl liner will be placed inside the swimming pool and it will be adjusted and stretched to fit the surface of the pool
  • All panels and joints will be secured, and water will be slowly introduced to the new liner

In addition to addressing rips, tears and fading, a new liner will enhance the appearance of any swimming pool giving it a new look and feel. A liner replacement can be a the answer when a complete renovation simply isn’t in the future.

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