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Pool Maintenance And Safety Equipment

We spend countless hours with clients either in the beginning of a pool construction project or on an ongoing maintenance and upkeep contract. When we meet with pool owners, we discuss what goes into a maintenance contract, what we do during the visits and what a pool owner may want to manage between service visits.

Along with discussions about proper maintenance, your Toledo pool contractor talks with pool owners about pool safety and the correct type of equipment to have poolside to keep everyone who uses the pool safe from harm.

A swimming pool is an addition to your backyard that will, with proper care and maintenance, be with your family for decades. Our team of professionals believes in using Pentair products for both maintenance and upkeep as well as for safety devices. Consistent maintenance, in addition to correct chemical balances, will keep your pool water clean and free of bacteria and in a constant state of readiness for whenever you’re ready to take a plunge.

There are certain steps that need to be taken to keep your pool clean between service visits and they include:

  • Skimming dirt and debris from the surface of the pool. Pentair makes skimmer baskets with retractable handles that make the task quick and easy between service visits. Collecting twigs and debris before it has a chance to fall to the pool floor is the best course of action.
  • After you have skimmed the floating debris, it’s time to grab a brush and scrub down the pool walls and floor. Make certain you use the correct type of brush for the specific pool that you own – for example, a brush that is good on a concrete pool will likely damage a fiberglass style.
  • Following the brushing loose of any debris on the pool walls and floor, it’s time to vacuum up any floating debris. Consider the possibility of using an automatic vacuum between service visits, it will make clean-up more efficient and easier.
  • The filter basket will need to be removed and emptied of anything that has been collected during the cleaning process. Your pool filtration system will work much better when the basket is free of debris.
  • The final step in pool maintenance is the addition of the chemicals necessary to keep the chemical levels in balance. Ask for a pool test kit and for a brief lesson on how to use it, understand the readings, and what to do when specific readings are evident.

We also recommend that you have certain safety equipment on hand. Items such as:

  • Life Jackets
  • Extending poles – long enough to reach the middle of the pool for assistance purposes
  • Signage – i.e., open/closed, No one allowed in without an adult

As your premier Ohio swimming pool contractor, we take your safety and maintenance seriously. Talk to us today, to ensure that you have all the correct equipment.

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