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Seven Swimming Pool Additions

Planning for an in-ground swimming pool is fun and exciting and we want to share with you seven additions to your pool that can add to your enjoyment.

Underwater treadmill: Exercising in your pool is a fantastic way to stay in shape. Running outside on hot, humid days isn’t always on the top of your to-do list, so why not install an underwater treadmill? The beauty of running in the water is that you activate the same muscles you use when you run on land, but the buoyancy of water eliminates gravity-induced pounding on joints. You get the same cardio training, fat-burning benefits, and an equally intense core and leg workout. Plus, the faster you run or walk, the water’s resistance is exponentially increased. In other words, the harder you work, the harder your workout will be, and the better the benefits.

A pool bike: A pool bike can be seamlessly added to most any pool for an ultimate aerobic and fitness experience. A pool bike workout is a challenge for users of all levels, but it can be incredibly fun. Besides the fun, if you or a family member are recovering from surgery, or have an injury of any kind, the weightlessness of the water keeps the strains and pressure off of your joints.

A sun shelf: This feature was once an exclusive ‘perk’ about staying at a high-end hotel and resort but sun shelves are becoming increasingly popular in custom designed pools for your own backyard. A sun shelf goes by many different names, but, basically it is a flat, shallow area in your pool before the deep end. We can design your sun shelf to accommodate furniture that suits your taste and style.

LED pool lighting: LED lighting adds a new dimension to your pool when the sun goes down. With advances in technology, we can add brilliant, colorful LED lighting deep in your pool for a stunning underwater light show. Add some floating lights to your pool, and your relaxing evening is all ready for you.

Waterfalls and Grottos: A rock waterfall can be a perfect addition to your pool design. A grotto is typically defined as a large rock waterfall with a nook or cavern-like space beneath it, large enough that one can swim into it. There are many different ways to design a waterfall and grotto. As with the sun shelf, these features were once reserved for the luxury resorts and spas, and now you can have one in your own back yard.

Outdoor living rooms: In the summer time, your outdoors is the gathering place. Why not incorporate a nice ‘living’ room setting for your family and friends? That way there is no need for everyone to dry off before going inside to enjoy a meal. This could be as elaborate as a full kitchen and seating area with a fireplace, or simply by adding a canopy with some comfortable seating added.

Disappearing spas: In the true, ‘now you see it; now you don’t’ fashion, disappearing spas are the most elusive feature to your custom pool design. With a touch of a button, it can magically appear, and then disappear. If making your spa appear and disappear isn’t quite up your alley, our professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders can create and add the perfect spa to your pool.

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