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Shower Before You Swim

It’s likely that you’ve seen signs at community pools, health clubs and hotels that ask you to shower before you swim in the pool. Chances are, most people don’t do it – it seems counter-intuitive. After all, you’re jumping into the water. But have you ever wondered why they suggest it?

There are a few reasons why taking a shower before entering a pool is recommended:

  1. Your body has many substances on it – shampoo, perfume, sweat, soap deodorant and more. These things contaminate the pool. If everyone who jumps in the pool adds a bit more of these substances to the pool can you imagine what is in the water after a few days? (Also – remember not to pee in the pool – do you really want to swim around in urine?)
  2. It’s a courteous thing to do. Showering before you jump in will remove anything from your body that could make a pool dirty. For example, if you’ve been walking around barefoot, you might bring in grass clippings.
  3. Showering before you swim is better for the pool. The pool’s equipment naturally works to keep the pool clean but as more contamination is added to the pool, the equipment has to work harder.

Do your part to help a pool owner (whether your own or someone else’s) maintain a clean pool so everyone can enjoy it for hours on end knowing that it’s clean. These simple steps will save the pool owner time and expense.


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