Watering The Lawn

Summer Water Saving Tips

Kids young and old, have enjoyed playing under the sprinkler for decades. Turn on the sprinkler and you’ll suddenly find your kids enjoying hours of fun! However, these hours can turn into dollars if you’re not careful. Here are a few summer water saving tips on how to be conscious of your water usage and be eco-friendly at the same time.

  • Send the kids out while you’re watering the lawn. Set aside days of the week and times when the kids can go out and play under the sprinkler. This will ensure that you’re not wasting water or over watering the lawn.
  • Invest in water-efficient rotary nozzles for your sprinklers. These nozzles break the water into streams that spray water more slowly and in more uniform patterns. They generally use up to 2 percent less water and irrigate more effectively. You may find that you’re eligible for rebates on these products so check the manufacturer’s site as well as your local water department to see if they are offering rebates or specials of any kind. Another benefit to these nozzles is that they are more wind-resistant and in some cases, made from recycled materials.
  • If you’re filling up the baby pool, remember that because they don’t have filters, they need to be emptied and refilled every few days to keep them clean. Since you’re not adding chemicals, you may want to use the water you’re pouring out to water your outdoor plants and landscaping.
  • Another eco-friendly tip is to consider turning up the temperature on your air conditioning or turning it off on days you’re out in the pool or playing in the sprinkler. Because you and your family will be in and out of the house frequently, you can save money on your electricity bill during those days and hours.
  • Do not water your lawn on windy days. For one, much of the water goes to evaporation and then the rest hits places on your yard that do not need water. Always water your lawn when it is cooler to reduce evaporation. Evening watering lasts longer and strengthens more.
  • Set up a rain barrel. When it does rain, you can catch a ton of water to recycle when it is dry. Keep it covered with a fine mesh screen to avoid mosquito breeding. But there is nothing better than rain water.
  • Many shower heads and toilets now offer water saving options that are still efficient. Check them out.

Water is expensive in most areas and despite the rivers and oceans, not in endless supply. So be smart and save a little money with these water tips.

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