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Swimming Pool Automatic Safety Covers

Owning a swimming pool means you have a perfect backyard oasis in which to host pool parties, exercise, have fun with the family and simply cool off during the hot summer days. Swimming pool contractors in Ohio work with pool owners to construct the swimming pool of their dreams and at the same time provide the ultimate in safety. One of the top considerations at the design stage for safety is an automatic safety swimming pool cover. It provides myriad benefits and should be considered an important part of swimming pool ownership rather than an accessory.

Pool contractors understand that the use of a manual swimming pool cover can be considered time consuming and tedious. One way to make that task much easier is by having an automatic swimming pool safety cover installed. These covers are operated at the push of a button and the turn of a key, making their use quick and easy, and safe. The mechanisms for automatic swimming pool cover can be blended easily into the pool design so there are no unsightly tracks along the sides of the swimming pool, nor an above the deck cover box.

Swimming pool contractors offer this advice on the reasons swimming pool safety covers have great value:

  • They offer the ultimate in pool safety, you can literally “close” your pool to any usage.
  • Covers can keep leaves, dirt and debris out of the water.
  • They can confine heat into the pool water and can help cut down on the cost of heating the pool water.
  • Covers can be a protective barrier to keeping curious children, and pets or wildlife from getting into the water when no one is around to supervise. Remember though, a swimming pool cover is no substitute for diligent supervision and should be considered an additional layer of protection, not the only piece of protection.
  • Covers can save energy and cut down on the cost of operating your pool as less water evaporation means you may need to use fewer chemicals and will have to fill the pool less frequently.

Some municipalities require a safety cover for your pool. When you come in to discuss purchasing a pool cover, we can easily look up that information for you.

While the primary purpose of a swimming pool safety cover is for safety, you can purchase them in many colors that suit your style. Ask your pool contractor about the styles and designs he has available; you can even get pool covers in your favorite colors or that announce your favorite sports team.

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