Swimming Pool Toys

Swimming Pool Gifts for the Family

If you’re like most swimming pool owners, you’re always looking for some way to add to the fun you have in and around your swimming pool and a new gadget, toy or relaxation item is sure to please everyone in the family! Here are some ideas for the loved ones on your shopping list.

  • Motorized remote control boats – the whole family can enjoy racing the boats the length of the swimming pool!
  • Waterwheels, inflatable pool ping pong, basketball and water volleyball toys are another option.
  • If your family spends a lot of time out of doors during the summer invest in some tiki torches to light up the night and keep the bugs away.
  • Illuminate the outdoor space with LED lights.
  • Invest in an outdoor patio heater for the times when the sun goes down and the nights cool off. You may also want to invest in either misters or fans to cool off the area for the hot, hazy days of summer!
  • Underwater fun rings – great for scavenger hunts for the entire family.
  • After a long day, you might just want to kick back and float around in the swimming pool in style on an inflatable raft. Look for one with a cup holder and even a place to stash a book and suntan lotion. You might even look for a raft with a canopy so you can lay back and relax yet be protected from the rays.
  • A waterproof digital camera is great for capturing family memories.
  • Floating board games such as checkers, backgammon or chess. All game pieces float and are waterproof.
  • A floating swimming pool cooler. With one of these, you’ll will never have to leave the pool to grab a cool drink!
  • An outdoor storage bench that doubles as seating area. Once the pool fun is over, you can easily pick up the toys and floaties and stash them until the next time!
  • A remote control pool skimmer – turn it on and it does the work for you. Another time saver for pool maintenance.
  • Another remote control item to consider is a robotic pool cleaner. Hook it up, turn it on and it does the work for you.


We hope this list sparks some ideas for gifts for the upcoming summer season!


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