Safety First

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pools are an ideal place to spend time with friends and family, but like almost anything, owners should ensure that safety measures are in place. To prevent any kind of accidents in or around your swimming pool, talk to us, and we can provide a walk through on what steps you can take to make your pool the safest it can be.

Having “rules of the pool” posted and understood by everyone who uses it is one of the best ways to make certain your backyard pool is always a fun family oasis.

Here’s several steps to ensure the safety of your pool:

  • Follow all local and state swimming pool safety codes – your pool contractor will know what those are.
  • There should be non-slip and non-skid materials on the diving board, ladder and pool deck.
  • The steps on your pool ladder should have handrails and the steps should be at least three inches wide. There should be a ladder at both ends of the swimming pool.
  • All electronic equipment associated with your pool should be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Your swimming pool has to meet specific depth standards in order to have a diving board or slide installed; your pool contractor will know these specifics.
  • The depths of your pool water should be clearly marked.
  • Children who use the pool should know how to swim.
  • Adult supervision should always be provided.
  • No one should ever swim alone.
  • There should be no jumping off the diving board or using the slide if there are others in front of it or under it. Always go feet first when using a slide.
  • Enforce a no running on the deck rule.
  • There should be life jackets and life saving devices around the pool.
  • No electronic devices using electricity, i.e., tv’s, radios, should be on the pool deck; these should be kept at a safe distance where they cannot fall into the pool and cause an electrical hazard.
  • Use plastic drinking glasses or plates if you’re eating around the swimming pool or on the deck.
  • Keep the garbage can away from the pool deck so you don’t draw bees or flies to the pool.

Swimming pools are fun, and you can enjoy a safe, happy time all summer long with a little care and caution.

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