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Hawaiian Pool Builders builds Shotcrete pools. Many in the industry use and have used for decades the word Gunite, so that is the word most people know. The end result is really the same whether you use Gunite or Shotcrete. It’s the way the “concrete” is mixed and when the water is added that separates the two. So here goes…

Gunite is a building material consisting of a mixture of cement, sand and water. When building a pool, the material is sprayed under pneumatic pressure onto rebar reinforcement and carved to custom shapes. So is Shotcrete! However, with Gunite, the water is added to a dry mix at the nozzle of a “gun”. With Shotcrete, the cement is mixed wet and is then sprayed. Shotcrete has less concrete dust during application and is thus usually preferable for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

It is actually incorrect to use the two terms, Gunite & Shotcrete, interchangeably, but it is commonly done! So, there you have it!

The Construction Process

Step 1 - Layout

A representative from Hawaiian Pool Builders will meet with you to discuss the planning of your pool. Size, shape and location will be determined by you, along with helpful suggestions from our trained personnel. Once we determine the basics, we physically lay out the design with wooden forms, setting the exact location and shape, along with pool grade elevation.

Step 2 - Excavation

A backhoe is used to carefully dig the hole to your design specifications. Normally, barring any inclement weather, this procedure can be accomplished in one day, depending on the size of your structure.

Step 3 - Rebar (Steel)

Next, the steel reinforcement grid is installed. For the deep end, the rods are placed closer together for extra support. Skimmer units, main drains and wall fittings are then installed, prior to the Gunite application.

Step 4 - Gunite Shell

Pre-mixed, dry concrete material (Gunite) mixed with water is not applied through a Gunite hose. Minimal water, along with extreme force, results in an extremely strong compacted concrete structure. Skilled workers then shape the Gunite to form the pool shell to specification. Because of the compression, 8 inches of Gunite is equal to 36 inches of poured concrete.

Step 5 - Coping

Coping is then installed to cap off and finish the pool beam. Coping is available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Step 6 - Plumbing

Installation of the PVC piping is next. Water from the pool is drawn back to the pump through in-wall surface skimmers, also from the main drain assemblies, located on the floor of the deep end. Water drawn by the pump is then passed through the filter, heater and automatic sanitizer. Cleaned, heated and sanitized water then returns to the pool through the pool wall return fittings.

Step 7 - Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are added to the waterline to create an aesthetically pleasing finish. We use only the best tile available.

Step 8 - Decking

Walkways vary in style and size, according to your specific needs. Accessories such as diving boards and handrails are then added.

Step 9 - Plaster

An interior finish of white crushed marble and white cement is mixed together and is hand troweled on the Gunite surface. Color can be added to the mix to enhance the appearance.

Step 10 - Startup

Once the pool is filled, a Hawaiian Pool Builders service technician will install the accessory items not installed previously. he will chemically balance the water and instruct you how to operate and maintain your new pool.

View more photos of Gunite pools in our Portfolio.

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Award Winning

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