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Diving Board and Slide Safety Tips

Your swimming pool installed and now comes the fun part – the installation of a diving board and slide. They certainly can be fun, but you have to practice caution and follow some safety rules.

A lot of people view a diving board as simply an add-on to the pool fun, but diving boards are the cause of many a backyard mishap. It should be routine for your swimming pool builder or service professional to check that your diving board is secure and in safe operating order. He or she will ensure that none of the hardware has become loose and that there are no cracks in the foundation securing the diving board. Continue Reading

Pool Slide

Slides And Diving Boards

A swimming pool without accessories is like a fish without fins. At Hawaiian Pools, our experts understand that adding a ladder or slide, adds to the fun and enjoyment you and your family have in your swimming pool all season long.

There are items that need to be taken into consideration when you’re thinking of adding a slide or diving board though, and your Michigan swimming pool builder is the go-to professional for those questions as they relate to whether your pool is large enough to accommodate these accessories. You will work with your pool builder to develop a plan for the best quality and material for your accessories as well as a plan for their safe use.

Here are items you and your pool builder will need to take into consideration before making any final decision on accessories for your swimming pool:

  • The size of your pool will determine the accessories you can use. Prior to purchasing pool items such as slides or ladders you need to know the dimension of your swimming pool. There are specific guidelines that need to be met before these accessories are allowed (usually by municipal law).
  • Materials used in the construction. There are slides and diving boards on the market made of many types of materials ranging from rubber to plastic to steel and cement materials. The type you choose may be predicated on the type of swimming pool you have as well as its construction material. Price and longevity will also figure into the building material you choose.
  • The design of your swimming pool needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the length of the slide and diving board. There are slides in straight styles, semi-spirals or curved designs. Each design serves a purpose and each design will also be best accommodated by a particular style of swimming pool. Again, your swimming pool builder is your best source for advice.
  • An in-ground swimming pool versus an above ground swimming pool will also bring with it its own unique design options. Slides and diving boards are made for the specific type of swimming pool you own.
  • The final step is to work with your swimming pool builder to purchase and have him install the diving board or slide. It is best to have a trained professional do the installation to assure safety for all who use the accessory.

Regardless of whether you’re building a new swimming pool this season or looking to breathe new life into your existing swimming pool, a diving board or slide will do just that.


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