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Autumn Pool Landscaping

Autumn Pool Landscaping Project

Being a swimming pool owner, or, if you are considering becoming one, now’s a great time to think about an Autumn pool landscaping project.

Landscaping adds to the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor living area and simply makes the pool itself a more inviting area in which to spend time and entertain. What can you do, as part of your swimming pool construction project, to enhance your outdoor living space? Continue Reading

Poolside Ambiance

Potted Plants Add To Poolside Ambiance

When you have a swimming pool it’s only natural that it will be the focal point of your backyard. The landscaping around the pool and outdoor living space adds to the overall beauty and aesthetics of the entire outdoor experience and that’s where landscaping with potted plants comes into play.

Potted plants add to poolside ambiance, and container gardening adds a unique flair to the space. Part of the beauty and benefit of potted plants is you can move them from location to location to change up the look. You can also plant a variety of plants and colors, trees and shrubs or even flowering vegetable plants to allow you access to blooming beauty all season long. Potted plants also eliminate the worry of planting trees whose roots may damage your pool plumbing.

When you have made the commitment to have potted plants you will need to care for them, weed them and water them to keep them healthy and blooming. Depending on the weather, there just may not be enough rain to keep them properly watered. Here are three potted plant tips:

  1. Knowing when to water. Don’t overwater or under-water. Trust your instincts when it comes to watering. Test the soil to see if it appears dry or wet and water as needed. You can even pick up the pot to see how heavy it feels – heavy equals wet. Make note of the type of plants you are growing and either read the seed packet or ask a greenhouse associate how often and how much to water.
  2. Where to water. Don’t soak the plant to the extent that the water erodes from the roots. Consider a “spray” bath for the plants and gently wet the soil and clean the leaves. Water in the morning.
  3. Drainage is important. Plants need a way for excess water to drain – either when you’re watering or when it rains. A pot with a hole in the bottom is ideal. You will want to place small stones in the bottom of the post as well to help with drainage. If roots come out the bottom of the planter, it’s time to repot.

If you over-water the plants, there will be standing water beneath the pot. The roots will get brown and the soil will smell. If the leaves turn brown or yellow or fall off, chances are it’s from overwatering.

Under-watering can be determined if you see that the plant is withering, and no new leaves are forming. If the leaves are curled and brown, it’s time to water. If the dirt in the pot is dry and crumbling, you are likely under-watering. You may be able to step up the watering game and save the plants, but do so slowly as you don’t want to saturate it.


Poolside Plants

Poolside Planting Tips

Swimming pool owners in Ohio understand that it’s the small touches that add to the ambiance and beauty of your swimming pool and the outdoor living space. We work with our customers to get not only the pool of their dreams, but the landscaping and outdoor living space that complements it and offer some poolside planting tips.

What can you do to elevate your outdoor living space and add even more of a unique touch to your swimming pool area?

Here are a few ideas and they all have to do with poolside planting:

  1. Plants turn your pool into the centerpiece of the back-yard area. Greenery should frame the pool and catch your eye. Plant trees or flowers that complement the pool shape and color or even evoke a particular emotion such as – staycation or tropical locale.
  2. Add plants in pots so you can move them around to change up the look throughout the season and easily change the plants to match the season such as mums in the fall. We can help you choose plants that are suited to our environment and those that will thrive during the summer and well into the autumn.
  3. Look for plants that don’t require a lot of water or watering. If you have plants that are always looking for water, their roots could branch out and damage your swimming pool plumbing and/or structure.
  4. Choose plants that don’t drop leaves or sap into the pool water. Leaves and other debris from trees can clog the filter and prevent it from operating as efficiently as it should.
  5. Look for plants that aren’t magnets for bees and birds or ants. You don’t want them around your swimming pool.
  6. Don’t plant any greenery that might have spiky leaves or growths – cactus or pine trees can drop needles and thorns and that is painful on a barefoot.
  7. Consider plants as an addition to your privacy fence. Strategically planted greenery can shield your pool from the neighbors and vice versa.
  8. Do you need shade around the swimming pool? If so, check the path of the sun around the pool and outdoor living space and plant for shade.

Adding plants is a great way to really give your swimming pool and outdoor living space a new look without spending a lot of money. Ask us which plants make sense and we can work with you on a layout that is both pleasing and practical.


Perfect Swimming Pool Setting

Your Pool’s Aesthetic Backdrop

Building a swimming pool in your backyard involves more than just the construction itself. It’s also important to look at your entire landscape to see how your dream pool fits into the existing landscape. In some cases, you may need to change your existing landscape to suit the pool design you desire. Continue Reading

Pool Landscaping

Using Trees To Landscape Your Pool

Privacy, safety, beauty, and convenience are some of the considerations to keep in mind when landscaping around swimming pools. While a privacy fence enhances safety, carefully landscaping your yard gives you and your guests added privacy and enjoyment.  The best plants to grow near a pool will be those that lend a special charm and that cause you little inconvenience. Continue Reading

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