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Swimming Pool Cover

5 Benefits Of Swimming Pool Covers

Using a swimming pool cover is a wise choice but we often find that people don’t use them for a variety of reasons. Often, we are asked questions such as:

  • When should you cover your swimming pool?
  • When you’re not going to use it for an hour or two? Overnight?
  • When you’re on vacation and the pool won’t get used for a week?

The answer is that ideally, you should cover it any time you’re not using it. Taking the swimming pool cover on and off isn’t always easy and quick, though an automatic or liquid pool cover is nice, it’s simply a good habit to form. Continue Reading


Pool Covers Offer Energy Efficiency

No longer are swimming pool covers considered a pool accessory, many pool owners consider them must-have pieces of pool equipment for many reasons.

We have several reasons why pool covers should be used diligently:

  • They can help save money on pool cleaning.
  • They can help slow down the rate of evaporation of the pool water.
  • They can keep dirt and debris from the water.
  • They act as an additional layer of safety.
  • They can help with energy efficiency, especially if you heat your pool water. A swimming pool loses up to 95% of its heat from the surface of the pool.

Continue Reading

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