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Hot Tub

The Importance Of Hot Tub Covers

Imagine slipping into the warm, jet-filled depths of your backyard hot tub. It’s a luxury like no other, especially when the winter winds are blowing. Hot tubs are investments in both health and relaxation so you should make certain you protect your investment with a hot tub cover.

We believe that you shouldn’t think of a cover as an accessory, but as an additional component in your investment in the hot tub itself. Continue Reading

Liquid Pool Cover

Consider A Liquid Pool Cover

We often remind our customers that using a swimming pool cover is beneficial and a great investment in the life of the pool and that there are a variety of available options. Did you know that there are “liquid solar pool covers” on the market? Is it time to consider a liquid swimming pool cover?

We know that sometimes getting the cover on and off can be a bother and that’s why some pool owners aren’t diligent in using them. A liquid pool cover eliminates that problem as you’ll soon see. Continue Reading

Automatic Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Automatic Safety Covers

Owning a swimming pool means you have a perfect backyard oasis in which to host pool parties, exercise, have fun with the family and simply cool off during the hot summer days. Swimming pool contractors in Ohio work with pool owners to construct the swimming pool of their dreams and at the same time provide the ultimate in safety. One of the top considerations at the design stage for safety is an automatic safety swimming pool cover. It provides myriad benefits and should be considered an important part of swimming pool ownership rather than an accessory. Continue Reading

Pool Cover

Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers perform four main functions:

  • To act as a protective barrier to prevent accidents
  • Conserve energy in a heated pool
  • Minimize evaporation
  • Keep out leaves and debris

There are many types of covers made from a variety of materials, but they are all designed with these tasks in mind. Some covers are made specifically to perform one function or another, but the best pool covers will do it all. These can be manually rolled out onto the pool surface, or you can buy automatic cover reels that do all the work. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Cover

5 Benefits Of Swimming Pool Covers

Using a swimming pool cover is a wise choice but we often find that people don’t use them for a variety of reasons. Often, we are asked questions such as:

  • When should you cover your swimming pool?
  • When you’re not going to use it for an hour or two? Overnight?
  • When you’re on vacation and the pool won’t get used for a week?

The answer is that ideally, you should cover it any time you’re not using it. Taking the swimming pool cover on and off isn’t always easy and quick, though an automatic or liquid pool cover is nice, it’s simply a good habit to form. Continue Reading


7 Winter Pool Care Tips

When you decided to become a swimming pool owner did you know that it would require year-round care and maintenance? Yes, even in the winter your swimming pool requires care. Living in an area of the country that sees snow and ice means you need to take the additional step of protecting your swimming pool from the winter elements because ice and snow can cause damage.

In order to prevent damage, there are steps you can take, and we’d like to offer just a few: Continue Reading

Winter Pool Cover

6 Enemies Of Your Winter Pool Cover

It’s that time of the year. A couple of months ago, you took steps to get your pool ‘winter-ready’, and now snow is here!

The purpose of a winter pool cover is to protect your in-ground swimming pool from sun, debris and in the case of solid covers, from contaminants washed into the pool from rain and snowfall. Unfortunately, they can also fall prey to all sorts of maladies from the common to the odd. Here are six enemies of your winter pool cover, and ways to keep them from happening. Continue Reading


Three Simple Steps To Store Your Solar Cover

As fall is here, and your in-ground swimming pool water gets colder, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool. One of the first items you should store for the winter is your solar cover or summer blanket. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want to make sure that your solar cover is properly stored away for next season with these three simple steps.

Because solar covers are smaller and lighter than full wintertime covers, they are easy to take off every day during the swimming season. However, it’s important to properly care for your cover. Simply pulling it off and tossing it in the shed for winter storage can damage it. Continue Reading


Pool Covers Offer Energy Efficiency

No longer are swimming pool covers considered a pool accessory, many pool owners consider them must-have pieces of pool equipment for many reasons.

We have several reasons why pool covers should be used diligently:

  • They can help save money on pool cleaning.
  • They can help slow down the rate of evaporation of the pool water.
  • They can keep dirt and debris from the water.
  • They act as an additional layer of safety.
  • They can help with energy efficiency, especially if you heat your pool water. A swimming pool loses up to 95% of its heat from the surface of the pool.

Continue Reading

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