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Pool Lighting

Light Up Your Pool

When we furnish our homes, we place a lot of energy into selecting the right lighting for each room. The kitchen needs both bright and soft lighting to be functional. Cozy seating areas and bedrooms get more indirect lighting … out bathrooms get that blinding light so we can see every character flaw needing correcting before we go public.

Like our great homes, great pools are significantly defined by lighting as well. Nature gives us a hint of this by providing the sun by day and the moon by night. Lighting will set the tone and help distinguish your pool as unique. Continue Reading

LED lighting

The Beauty Of Color-Changing LED Lights

Just because the sun is going down doesn’t mean you have to send your guests home and stop the swimming pool party. When you work with your swimming pool contractor to have LED lights installed in the pool and the backyard living area, the party can go on all night!

LED lighting is the lighting of choice for swimming pools because these light emitting diodes (LEDs) can illuminate the pool, spa, water features, any other decorative outdoor elements as well as your seating area in an environmentally friendly, cost effective manner. Continue Reading

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