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Pool Liner

Pool Liners Explained

The liner for your swimming pool is important beyond adding beauty and style to your swimming pool; a liner is an essential part of the entire swimming pool system as it separates the structure of the pool and the pool walls from the water it’s meant to hold. Swimming pool liners can be constructed of flexible vinyl, traditional tile and cement utilizing sealants and tiles.

A vinyl liner is easy to install for a professional swimming pool contractor and is a less expensive alternative to concrete and tile pool liner construction. If your liner has rips or tears it can be patched for a time but eventually may need to be replaced. Continue Reading

Free Form Vinyl Liner

When to Repair Your Pool Liner

No pool owner wants to deal with the hassle and cost of replacing their liner, so it’s important to know when you can repair it instead. Whether your pool liner has been subject to severe weather or simple, every day wear and tear, your swimming pool liner can face several issues that may result in a small repair job to a full replacement. The experts at Hawaiian Pool Builders are here to help you save money and frustration by making you aware of when you can repair your liner and when it needs to be replaced. Continue Reading

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