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Pool Filter Pressure

Nine Troubleshooting Tips For Your In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump And Filter

Your in-ground swimming pool pump is at the heart of the plumbing system of your pool. Without it, water won’t flow through your filtration system to be properly cleaned. What do you do if you have a problem with the pump and filter? At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have nine troubleshooting tips for your in-ground swimming pool and filter; and how you can get back to swimming in no time. Continue Reading

Money Saving Tips

Money-Saving Swimming Pool Pump Tips

The swimming pool professionals from Hawaiian Pools understand that while you love your swimming pool, you’d also love to find ways to save money on its operation, right? One way that a swimming pool owner can save money is by having the proper swimming pool pump installed.

The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s operational center because it provides the circulation the pool needs to keep the water filtered and sanitized. As any pool owner knows, though, energy costs continue to increase and we can provide suggestions on how to keep your pool operating cost down. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Equipment

If you’re thinking about building a swimming pool, or even if you already have one in your back yard, understanding some of the terms used in the swimming pool industry can be helpful. Often new pool owners feel a disadvantage when it comes to understanding how the pool operates or the terminology used by pool professionals. This explanation will help pool owners and those considering a new pool to understand some of the industry terms. Continue Reading

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