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Teach Your Child To Swim

If you’re planning to get a new swimming pool next summer or if you have a pool now and have children who aren’t quite sure if they love swimming, it might be the ideal time to sign them up for swim lessons.

We understand that not every child, or every adult, takes to the water without some lesson or a way to makes them comfortable in the water. One of the first rules of taking to the water is to decide whether you and your children are in it for fun and play or to be an Olympic level swimmer. If you are considering getting a pool; we highly recommend you teach your child to swim.

You know your child best and will know whether he or she will thrive in a group setting for swim lessons or whether your child would do better in a one-on-one setting. Once you know that, you can look for a site that can teach your child how to not only learn to swim, but to overcome any fears of being in a swimming pool. You can certainly get your child accustomed to the idea that swimming and water are fun by playing in sprinklers or in splash parks before you get your pool constructed.

Many times, children will learn how to swim better from a stranger than he will from swimming with mom or dad because if you’re anxious it will show, and your child will pick up on it. How can you get started with swimming lessons for your child?

Here are some jumping off points:

  • Start when your children are young. Babies, as young as five months old can be introduced to the swimming pool. When you’re swimming with a baby you will want to make certain the water is warm.
  • Look for a class that is suited to both your child’s age and his skill level.
  • Look for a class that is suited toward your family’s goals with swimming. If you want to get them accustomed to the water and have basic swim skills, then look for that. This is the type of lesson in which your child will learn how much fun the pool is while still learning to hold his or her breath underwater.
  • If your child is old enough, allow him or her to pick out his own bathing suit and towel and other accessories he might find fun while learning to get used to the pool.
  • If your child has a friend, see if he or she can attend the swim lessons with you. The buddy system always makes learning more fun.
  • If your child is tentative around strangers, make it a rule that you will jump into the pool and take the lessons with her. She will have more fun with you in the water and you can share your love of the pool.
  • Remember, that even if your child has taken swim lessons is it no reason to leave him or her unattended in the pool. You should also offer a life jacket as a matter of course every time they swim as an additional layer of protection and to keep them safe if they get tired while in the water.

Spending time together in the family swimming pool is a great way to foster good family exercise habits and to build memories that will last a lifetime.


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