Winterizing Your Pool

The Right Time To Open Or Close The Pool

Is there a right time to open your pool for the season or, for that matter, close it at the end of the season? For most pool owners in Ohio and Michigan, the first signs of spring signal a yearning to get the pool open and start swimming while summer is still young!

After you’ve spent months indoors watching snow fall and hearing the howling winds blow, you’re ready to get out and enjoy your outdoor living space and more importantly, your swimming pool. When is the best time to open it though? You don’t want to schedule your pool contractor to come and open the pool and then be faced with an unexpected end of spring winter storm – it happens! Paying attention to the weather forecasts and planning to get on the pool contractor’s schedule for a summer opening might take place in early March for many people. You just want to do all that you can to ensure that once the pool is open that it won’t run the risk of damage if unreasonable weather occurs.

Also, if you don’t have a pool heater or solar cover, the water will not be warm enough to swim until you have several weeks of above freezing temperatures and nights that remain warm. The warmth of the night air is just as important to planning a pool opening as is the daytime air. There could be days in the spring that are in the 70s during the day but still dip toward the freezing point at night – not an ideal time to have your pool opened just yet.

A too-early spring pool opening also runs the risk of becoming victim to falling pollen as this can lead to algae growth. For many pool owners, the rule of thumb is to open the pool, or have it opened and ready, for Memorial Day weekend.

Determining a pool closing date is almost the opposite of the spring pool opening. When the nights and days start cooling off and you find that you’re running the pool heater more frequently in order to make the water bearable, it might be time to close it for the season though many pool owners like to swim when the air is cool. If the leaves from the trees are starting to fall and fill your pool, again, this is a sign that you may want to call your pool contractor and get on the schedule for a season-end pool closing. Fallen leaves and twigs can also clog filters and drains and damage motors. You can never tell when the first frost is going to arrive and it’s best to schedule a closing prior to that happening.

Your swimming pool contractor is your best resource for a pool opening or closing date as he is more familiar with the best time to complete these tasks.

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