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Three Swimming Pool Renovations

After years or decades of use, your swimming pool will be in need of a facelift or upgrade. It could be that you’ve moved in; or are moving into a home that has a swimming pool in the backyard. Regardless of the reason why you want to upgrade your Ohio swimming pool there are many options available to give your swimming pool a facelift.

There have been so many innovations in swimming pool technology and pool materials that you will want to spend some time with your Ohio swimming pool builder to discuss options, prices and what an upgrade to your swimming pool will involve. Before you many any plans, a trip to your trusted swimming pool professional is in order.

Here are a few of the things he or she may discuss with you:

  • Updated shapes and finishes. Gone are the days of the rectangle or oval swimming pool. If you have one of these, you can talk to your swimming pool builder about a complete overhaul by replacing your existing pool with a new and unique design. Additionally, there are many options when it comes to plumbing and landscaping limitations as well as tile and coping materials.
  • Unique water features. Consider adding a fountain or a rock waterfall to your swimming pool. Imagine floating around on a raft in your swimming pool and ducking under a cascading waterfall. You can even add a seating area underneath the water fall.
  • Many swimming pool owners who are upgrading their swimming pools are also looking for ways to go green to save the environment and money from their own wallets. Talk to your swimming pool service professional about ways to automate the chemicals that are dispensed into your swimming pool to test and regulate the chemical levels in your swimming pool and adjust the amount of chemicals that are dispersed. There are energy efficient pieces of pool equipment on the market that include variable speed swimming pool pumps.

When you’re talking to us don’t forget to ask about upgrades you can make to your outdoor living area as well as to the swimming pool itself. You can breathe new life into your swimming pool with a few simple upgrades.

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