Keep Leaves Off Pool Cover

Three Ways To Keep Your Pool Cover Leaf Free

As fall approaches you’ll be thinking about how to keep your swimming pool and pool cover leaf free.  Before the snow, the leaves fall everywhere, including on your pool cover. We have some tips to help you keep your cover leaf free.

It’s that time of year when regardless of where the trees are, your pool cover is getting, or will soon be, inundated with leaves, pods from trees, pine cones, and other debris. The wind is blowing them everywhere, and it seems that everything is landing on your pool cover. It’s important to realize that the leaves get heavy and can be damaging. They get heavy when wet, and begin to decompose. You don’t want to let your cover go unchecked and damaged by leaves left collecting.

Getting debris off the cover is not as simple as it might seem. You don’t want to make a bigger mess than the one you are trying to clean. Here are three ways to help get leaves and other debris off your pool cover.

Sweep it up. First, get a long enough broom and try to collect as much of the debris as possible at the edge of the cover by the side of the pool. You can then scoop it up with your hands and another tool but be sure that there are no sharp edges that could tear the cover.

Hose it off. Before the winter freeze sets in, you can remove the cover and hose it off. Carefully pull the cover off the pool, trying not to let any leftover dirt fall into the water. Once you have it off, spread it out on the lawn or the patio. Get the hose and spray it thoroughly until it is completely clean.

Leaf catchers. If you have large trees nearby, leaves and sticks are a continual problem for pool covers. A simple, lightweight solution to leave and debris is a leave catcher. They act as a protective net that you simply place over the top of your winter cover to collect the leaves. They are easy to remove, and when you do, you’ll have collected a winter’s worth of leaves. Leaf catchers not only protect your pool cover, they save you time and effort.

Your pool cover is a big investment. Keeping it leaf free can ensure a good long life.

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