Swimming Pool Winterization

Time for Swimming Pool Winterization

The main reason to winterize the swimming pool is to make sure it is protected from any damage that could occur during the cold, snowy months. A proper swimming pool closing will protect the pool and make the spring opening process easier.

When it’s time for swimming pool winterization, what steps are taken during your service call that are part of the closing?

Here are a few:

  • We will make certain the chemicals are balanced in the water. Algaecide will be added to prevent algae growth over the winter months.
  • We will lower the pool water levels because when the water freezes it will expand and lowering the levels will prevent damage to the structure.
  • The filter will be cleaned and checked.
  • The skimmer basket will be removed and cleaned.
  • Many other pool components will be removed, cleaned and stored for the winter months. Items that cannot be removed will be covered with protective covering to assure they aren’t damaged during the winter months.
  • Water will be blown out from the plumbing lines to assure they don’t freeze and crack.
  • A swimming pool cover will be securely fastened to keep dirt and debris out of the pool. It’s recommended that you check the pool periodically and remove standing water or debris from the cover, so it doesn’t get weighted down and fall into the water. Use a shop vac to remove standing water.

If you haven’t gotten on the schedule for a pool closing, now is the ideal time to do just that.

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