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Tips For A Cleaner Pool

Keeping the water moving in your pool is important as it helps keep your pool clean. The filter system helps clean the water and good water flow is vital in order for the filter system to operate properly.

Proper circulation in your pool helps to stir up the water in every area of your pool to keep dirt and debris from settling in hard to reach areas such as under steps or ladders or areas that are farthest away from the jets. Here are some tips on how to get better circulation and save you a little time cleaning your swimming pool.

  • Check the pressure gauge to be sure it is running at normal pressure. To determine “normal” you can look after at the gauge after a fresh backwash. If your pressure gets to roughly 8-10 pounds over normal, you should backwash or clean your filter.
  • Check and monitor water level at least once a week to ensure the water is at the level of the skimmer.
  • Check the chlorinator at least once per week and adjust as needed. If you’re unsure about adding chemicals, contact us for assistance.
  • Make sure all jets are angled in the same direction to allow the pool water to spin away from the skimmers. Setting the return jets to either 7 or 4 o’clock is a good idea as angling them downward helps to stir things up from the bottom. If you have step jets, angle both or one of them toward the top step so it will help push the dirt off the steps.
  • Check your skimmers and main drains. Each of them should be pulling water into the filter system. One way to check this is to put your hand near the suction port under the skimmer basket. Pay attention to each of the ports as you tug on them to ensure each is working. As you identify each valve, be sure to mark them.
  • Check the o-rings and lubricate them as needed. The filter system has several o-rings but among the most important is the one on the pump lid. You should check them for cracks and replace if needed to create a better seal & correct water pressure.
  • Keep vegetation, animals & non-pool chemicals away from and out of the pool.
  • Clean your filter every week if your pool is heavily used. You may find that you can stretch it a little longer if your pool is used less frequently.
  • If you start seeing any cracks around the perimeter of your pool between your deck and your tile, caulk it with a small bead of clear silicon. This should only be done on small cracks and seams. If you are noticing large cracks, you’ll need the help of one of our pool service professionals.

Regular maintenance and observation of your pools condition will help you avoid major issues. If these tasks seem a little overwhelming, we can schedule an appointment to check your pool and provide additional information on how to keep your pool sparkling clean all season long. Remember to also brush your pool on a regular basis to keep dirt & debris out of the pool and keep algae at bay.

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