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Tips To Keep Bugs From Your Swimming Pool

An ant infestation, bees or even birds can spoil a good time in the family swimming pool. There are ways to have beautiful flowers and foliage without the pests that can sometimes ruin a good party.

We have some tips to help you enjoy your beautiful landscaping poolside without throwing open the welcome mat for bugs and pests.

  • Plant items that don’t lure in the pests. For example, flowering plants will be a haven for bees seeking to pollinate them. Trees that will drop leaves into your swimming pool will lead to a mess and could also be a home for birds and then you will have their droppings in the pool and on the deck.
  • Make sure you’re weeding regularly. Get rid of dead and dying plants, keep the grass cut and the garden cleaned up and prune branches to keep debris and pests away from the pool.
  • Plant herbs that you can use, but that pests don’t enjoy. Oregano, mint, fennel rosemary, lemon balm, lemon grass, marigolds and citronella all work well to keep the pests away. These herbs are also natural deterrents for potato beetles and aphids and won’t harm your children or pets.
  • If you have aphids in the garden, introduce ladybugs to help thin the buggy herd. Most people would rather see ladybugs around the pool than they would aphids.
  • Did you know that if you sprinkle salt and flour on to plants and in the garden bed you can essentially rid it of slugs and snails without harming the family pets? These two kitchen staples are toxic for slugs.
  • Remove any standing water from empty containers such as flowerpots, wheelbarrows, bottle tops, barrels, etc.
  • Change water in birdbaths twice weekly.
  • Immediately remove water that collects on swimming pool covers, and ensure that the pool’s pump is circulating.
  • Clear leaves and twigs from eaves and storm gutters throughout the summer into early fall, so water doesn’t pool or collect.
  • If you have a flat roof on your home or other shelter around your property, check it frequently for standing water.
  • Ensure that drains and drainage ditches are not clogged.
  • Don’t leave food out. Ensure that everything is properly cleaned up after everyone has left, or gone inside. Nothing brings out the ants like food left out. Equally important, soda cans should not be left open. Bees will fly into the can, and not only are they pesky as they fly around, getting stung because one has entered your soda will simply ruin your afternoon.
  • Make sure your algaecide is at the correct levels. The best way to keep water bugs out of your water is maintaining a proper algaecide ratio in your water. Water bugs love algae, so keeping the algae away will in turn keep the bugs away.
  • Proper chemical treatments. Another way to keep the bugs away is to make sure your pool has regular chemical treatments. With pool water that is properly treated with the appropriate chemicals, insects will be less likely to not only come by for a drink, but ever return. Additionally, mosquitoes will not lay their eggs in chemically treated water.

Being aware of easy ways to keep bugs from bugging you along with proper pool maintenance will keep your summer enjoyable and relaxing. We can easily set up a schedule to handle the maintenance, so you don’t have to.


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