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Top 10 Questions to Help you Find a Pool Builder

Building a swimming pool is a huge undertaking and involves planning and time. It’s important that you carefully work with your swimming pool builder to ensure your satisfaction.

Have a basic plan but be open to design suggestions made by your contractor within the budget you have allocated. Any suggestions that exceed your budget should be carefully considered before deciding to make it work. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we consider your dreams to be most important while working within your budget and will also make suggestions that can enhance your experience. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you.

Construction techniques can vary by geographic region, soil type and various materials used for construction and/or manufacture of the pool can vary.  These top ten questions to help you find a pool builder can serve as your guide:

Key Questions to Consider:

  • Price – What is it going to cost me, including decking, landscaping and accessories? Is there a financing option?
  • Maintenance Requirements – How much work do I have to do to keep it clean, and what types and quantities of chemicals do I need to buy? Does my pool builder provide maintenance service? What will it cost?
  • Installation – How long will it take to install? What are the requirements for access to my home, potential property damage and equipment required?
  • Service – How does the pool builder follow up after the purchase? What kind of warranty do they provide and what does it cover?
  • Material Quality – Are the materials used high quality? Are there different levels of product to be considered and more important, are they installed “skillfully”?
  • Does the pool builder use reliable pumps, filters, heaters, skimmers, and other various parts; and what is the warranty on each?
  • What is the likelihood my pool will be installed on time?
  • If there is a complaint or problem, how is it resolved?
  • Does the pool builder have references and how current are they?
  • How long have their crew or subcontractors been working for / with them? How do they stay current on technology and skills?

You may find you have more questions. In which case,  be sure to compile a list before sitting down to discuss your options in order to make the right decision.

Hawaiian Pool Builders has a carefully designed process from start to finish. You should have a clear understanding of how things will be done from the moment you sign the contract to the day the swimming pool is done. The procedure needs to be done professionally and you should expect the construction workers need to tidy up after they leave. Communication is also important. Hawaiian Pool Builders will keep you informed along the way and deliver a pool that not only meets, but exceeds, your expectation!


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