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Using Trees To Landscape Your Pool

Privacy, safety, beauty, and convenience are some of the considerations to keep in mind when landscaping around swimming pools. While a privacy fence enhances safety, carefully landscaping your yard gives you and your guests added privacy and enjoyment.  The best plants to grow near a pool will be those that lend a special charm and that cause you little inconvenience.

Here’s some tips on using trees to landscape your pool:

Evergreen trees, especially fast growing, are a great choice for the privacy part of your yard. Most don’t drop their needles, keeping clean up down to almost nothing. Among the list are the Leland Cyprus, which will climb up to 3-5 feet in height each year, adding privacy from neighbors, while blocking out unwanted noise. Another favorite is a Willow Hybrid, which grows up to 6 feet a year, and has a bit of a different look than a regular evergreen.

Often times, though, what isn’t considered are bushes and trees that should not be planted by your in-ground pool. While a Magnolia is a beautiful tree, and well suited for the edge of your lot, you simply do not want the leaves and the falling blossoms to get into your pool, making clean up a nightmare. Not only will you spend hours cleaning these out of your pool, the possibility of your filter system getting clogged is high.

Considering the root system is another factor. If you plant trees that have a root system that fans out, those roots can easily make their way to your pool edge, not only giving the possibility of cracking your patio and surrounding areas, but also cracking your pool. Most trees grow root systems of about the same size as the tree branch systems.

Avoid the mulberry, poplar, walnut trees, as they can cause major cleanup. Of course, if you already have a backyard full of trees, giving them a good trim, and even considering removal might be in your future.

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want your in-ground pool experience to be the best, considering all the aspects, including landscaping that will make yours the best it can be.


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