Swim Spa

What Is A Swim Spa?

Have you ever heard the term, “swim spa”? These are a hybrid product that allows customers to have a combination of relaxing massage jets that you’d find in a hot tub along with a pool structure large enough to swim laps. The swim spa features adjustable speed swim currents that allow the swimmer to swim in place – and get a great work out.

If you’re looking for a water-filled structure in which to swim laps and benefit from hydrotherapy, a swim spa might fill the bill! These structures are gaining in popularity among homeowners who want a pool, but may not want to give up their entire backyard to a traditional swimming pool.

There are different types of currents you can choose for your swim spa and they include:

  • Jet propulsion
  • Paddle wheel
  • Propeller jet systems

Each of these systems are pressure-driven and force water through jets to create a current that gives you “resistance” when you’re swimming and really boost the benefits of your workout.

A paddlewheel system is powered by a rotating paddlewheel and produces a smooth current that fills the entire width of the swim spa. A propeller powered swim spa also creates a wide, deep smooth current. The propellers are installed into recessed channels in the swim spa.

The placement of a swim spa, because it’s pre-manufactured, can be located in any area where a hot tub could have been. You can locate it on a deck, in a secluded area of your yard or even in a sunroom in your house.

A swim spa can cost anywhere from $15,000 on up depending on the depth, size, type of current, number of jets and other features you may want to accessorize it with. Plan to spend anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 for a mid-size swim spa that has a sound system or even an underwater treadmill. These structures are less expensive than a full-sized swimming pool, more expensive than a traditional hot tub, but combine the best of both of these water-filled structures.

Swim spas are aimed at the individual who is viewing the structure as more of workout spot than a place to entertain friends and family. One of our spa experts can help you decide the best one for you.


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