Pool Algae

What is Algae?

That may seem like a simple question, but as an inground pool owner, it’s important to know what algae is. There are three types of algae that like to form and create a nice home in your swimming pool: Mustard algae, Green algae, and Black algae.

Mustard algae, often referred to as yellow algae, can easily be mistaken for dirt or sand. It typically likes to cling to the walls of your pool and in the shady spots. Mustard algae can be difficult to get rid of because it is resistant to normal levels of chlorine. While it’s a rare form of algae, it can still take hold of your inground pool ‘toys’ and your equipment. Disinfecting your beach balls, floaties, and other play things with bleach will help to remove the growth of algae. This algae may also accumulate on your suits, towels, and other clothing items and bleach may be the only way to eliminate it.

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