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When to Repair Your Pool Liner

No pool owner wants to deal with the hassle and cost of replacing their liner, so it’s important to know when you can repair it instead. Whether your pool liner has been subject to severe weather or simple, every day wear and tear, your swimming pool liner can face several issues that may result in a small repair job to a full replacement. The experts at Hawaiian Pool Builders are here to help you save money and frustration by making you aware of when you can repair your liner and when it needs to be replaced.

Ripped Liners: The chances of a ripped liner increase with age as they begin to get stiffer and brittle. If you find a large tear, you’ll probably need to have it replaced but smaller rips of an inch or two can generally be repaired. The location of your liner’s rip is also a deciding factor. Rips in the corner of your pool, near the steps or lights can be more difficult to repair.

Leaky Liners: Leaks can occur regardless of how old your liner is. Most often, leaks are caused by holes, punctures or tears which usually happen while you’re using or maintaining your pool. Finding the leak can require manually searching the pool, inch by inch. Once the leak is found, you can evaluate the extent of the leak and in many cases, it can be repaired.

Stained Liners: Stains occur in a few different ways but usually some type of algae problem is often the cause. Incorrect chemical levels may be why algae forms in your pool, so be sure you are properly maintaining your pool’s chemicals. Your swimming pool maintenance company can clean the algae stains and apply algaecide to get your pool liner back in shape.

Wrinkled Liners: Wrinkles in swimming pool liners are common if you have a leak. Leak repair is required and then in some cases the wrinkles can be taken out. Wrinkles can be difficult, but not impossible to repair.

If you have more questions about the best way to handle problems with your swimming pool liner, contact one of our professionals today.

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